Executive MBA (EMBA)

Executive MBA

Executive Master of Business Administration or more popularly known as EMBA is a major constituent of the management and degree programs. The EMBA flagship is designed for the seasoned and senior professionals who don’t want to replace the pile of files at the office with the burden of numerous books. Hence EMBA gives a clear way to pursue management studies along with the employment.

The EMBA is a golden parachute for those working professionals who possess a work experience of more than five years and continuing years. However, the work experience demanded as an eligibility criterion by the B-schools may differ; it is advisable to check the B-school’s official website before considering any one of them. The course structure of EMBA goes along the lines of Full-time MBA; the aspirants learn the same business and managerial teachings which are being taught in the Full-time MBA.

The EMBA aspirants gain the knowledge and expertise in learning the business and managerial hacks and can implement them at the same time. EMBA enables pragmatic teaching and learning module.

Here we are giving you five reasons to give a kick-start to your career with an EMBA:

Yielding New Capabilities

Although you have a long playing record of work experience and during the time you have accumulated several bitter and amicable experiences. After the EMBA you’ll be able to find out the actual strategy to confront the situations and draw fruitious results. Here are a number of new capabilities you will acquire in an EMBA program :

Techniques and new directive skills to carry out the projects with more responsibility and accountability

Critical analysis, tactical thinking, and a ‘bigger picture’ comprehension

Better communication and team building abilities

Widens the Career Spectrum

An EMBA pushes you to the next level of the management hierarchy and widens the career spectrum in terms of wealth, power and position. Apart from it can stimulate the zeal of owning a business.

A Vivid Outlook

The EMBA graduates gain a vivid outlook to analyse the distinct dimensions of career opportunities. The flagship hones leadership and managerial strategies of the individuals. It bestows with the options of changing the current job profile or domain with other. for eg. a sales professional can switch into an operation management.

Instant benefit – for you or  your company

The instant benefit of EMBA, it allows the immediate implementation of management knowledge and skills in the organisation due to its program structure. Since the syllabus of the flagship is inclined towards organisational/industrial challenges and suggests the remedial steps to resolve the issue.Therefore, it brightens up the role of the EMBA applicant inside the organisation and precisely leads to the achievement of common organisational objectives. In case of full time MBA this opportunity comes after the completion degree.

Multiply Business Network Connection

The network you develop during the pursuance of EMBA  is one of the most useful resource. The contacts can act as a bridge in obtaining good employment opportunities. The friendship with the EMBA applicants may form lifelong business or company partnerships.

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