How will my extracurricular activities impact by admit?

Gaining admissions into the top B-schools of your choice is influenced by a lot of elements. It is true that most of the students focus on their GMAT scores to ensure that one of the major influencing factors for their admissions is taken care of. The next few factors which most individuals generally concentrate on are – the SOP (Statement of Purpose), LOR (Letter of Recommendation), CGPA scores, academic achievements etc. While all of the above play an important role to impact the admissions process it is necessary for you to pay attention to the other details which would create a positive impact with the admissions committee.

While your academic achievements are crucial and contribute significantly towards your admissions it is only your extracurricular achievements which would help you become prominent among the other applications which the university receives. Most of the adcom members prefer to admit candidates who are proficient and multi-talented and not only academically intelligent. Do remember that you will have to spend adequate time to work on all of the aspects so that you are able to secure admissions into the B-schools of your preference. Some of the other criteria which will make your application stand out from the thousands of applications which the adcom receives are listed below.


This is a very elementary aspect of your profile and almost most of the individuals will have this present on their application. Internships help you to show the admissions committee that you have already worked in a corporate environment relevant to your field while in college. Thus stating that you have acquired practical knowledge on the subjects you have studied in college as well. An internship certificate from a well-reputed company relevant to your field of study is certain to impress the adcom.

Online certifications:

With the rapid improvement in technology, it has become possible for individuals to complete learning online in the fields of study they are interested in. There are several online based learnings which are easily accessible from well-renowned institutes. This once again assists your application and you will be able to easily convince the adcom members of the knowledge you have gained and your skills.

Work experience:

Although this may not qualify as an extracurricular activity it is a mandatory requirement for candidates who are applying for their MBA programs. Most of the universities will want to hire individuals who have a minimum of 4-5 years of work experience over freshers. This is because they believe that such candidates will be able to adapt to the demanding and rigorous schedules of an MBA program in a better manner. The MBA program is aimed at nurturing and developing the qualities of individuals who want to move up the career ladder. These are candidates who are aiming for mid to high-level managerial positions in the company. Hence it is necessary to acquire enough work experience and mention the same in your application.

Volunteering activities:

Aside from adding immense value to your profile participating in volunteering activities will also give you a sense of accomplishment when you contribute back to society. It is a means to broaden your knowledge about social and environmental issues. You get to meet like-minded people and automatically improve your network in the process. It will convey to the admissions committee that you are a responsible individual and are concerned about your social obligations as well.

Performing arts, Music and Cultural Activities:

The members of the admissions committee would choose to accept candidates who are versatile and can contribute to the campus in various aspects. Therefore if you are interested in or adept at any activities like performing arts (theater) or playing a musical instrument, singing or have taken part in cultural activities like dance, fine arts, literary events etc. then it is certainly beneficial to mention about the same on your profile. You could also mention about any prizes which you may have won or any accolades which you would have got for your performances.

Learn a new language:

Learning a new language can be a huge advantage since you would have the knowledge to work in that language and it adds to your list of qualifications as well. Besides the above since you will be traveling to new locations to either study or work having a good grasp of the local language is certain to aid you to converse in a better manner. This once again increases your profile’s significance with the college authorities.

Attend conferences:

If you have attended conferences pertaining to your field of interest then it is undoubtedly going to have a positive influence on your profile. It will demonstrate your passion for the mentioned field and also your quest for gaining more information regarding the same. You will gain better insights about your field when you attend conferences by distinguished individuals.

Aim to participate in big projects at work:

This is another sure-fire way to exhibit your skills of taking up initiatives at work and being responsible for the same. It helps you to demonstrate your abilities to work in a team, complete the assignments within the deadlines etc. When you are part of a huge project at work you automatically begin to realize the importance of delegation of authority and various other mandatory competencies which are required to accomplish the same. The adcom will appreciate your capabilities when you mention about the projects you were involved in and helped to complete successfully.

Become active on online forums:

With the whole world dependent on technology these days it is important to be an active member of online forums and have a significant presence online. This will help the admissions panel to understand that you are abreast with the current trends and can adapt easily to any new technologies which are introduced as well. It is a valuable trait which will provide the requisite leverage to your profile so that you can gain admissions into the universities of your preference.

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