Common Flaws Business Schools Contenders Must Not Commit

Mistake B-School Applicants Must Avoid

Pursuing Management and Business studies at international B-school is fantasizing and interesting but in reality, the process is tedious and time-consuming. The journey begins likewise.

Checkpoint 1: Taking Down GMAT Test Prep

To get through the GMAT test with a 700+ GMAT score you have to start preparing for it at least 2-3 months beforehand. Perhaps you’re now unhabitual of studying for continuous hours and to restore the same may take time. To cover up the GMAT syllabus you have to turn back to the high school studies for brushing the basics, and then implementing those for high order thinking questions for GMAT is a comprehensive task.

To gauge performance graph you should take the mock tests on a regular basis, which help you in predicting the real GMAT questions and familiarize with the real exam scenario.

Checkpoint 2: On the GMAT Test Day

The final day, an unpredictable day, all the accumulations of your hard work, sincerity, dedication and infinite brainstorming sessions will pay you back. Don’t worry if you won’t achieve the desired results, it’s not the last resort, there is a second chance. You are permitted to re-take the GMAT test after 16 days from the previous attempt.

Checkpoint 3: Making Profile for Admission Process

This is again one of the most tiring some job, since you have to schedule time with ex-employers to get a purpose and goal oriented Letter of Recommendations (LORs). Simultaneously, you need to approach your educational institutions heads, urging the same. A strong statement of purpose (SOPs) and a flawless short and precise resume needed.

Checkpoint 4: Arrangements for Funding and Visa Approval

Once you qualified the hurdle of interview and group discussion, all your remaining struggle is to get funds from the financial institutions. Then the next big battle is to apply for the visa for a specific country and gain it.

After crossing all the checkpoints, you’ll step into your dream college. Throughout the there are numerous phases when the GMAT aspirants commit mistakes, below we have enlisted the highlighted areas where mistakes can be committed. For repenting one mistake you have to wait for one long year, to get back on the track.

Mistake 1: Less or Inappropriate GMAT Prep

Here are the most probable chances of committing mistakes; GMAT is a time game and one have to complete all the sections in order to escape from being penalized. GMAT test follows a definite algorithm to set the difficulty level of the exam, with every right answer your chances of hitting 680+ GMAT score increases and with the wrong answer the graph falls, vice versa.

Mistake 2: Targeting Average GMAT Score

Many students start preparation after doing a rigorous research about the average GMAT score of the elite colleges. This an unsuitable approach to get through the GMAT test. The aspirants must understand this GMAT score is an integral part whole admission process. To get into the desired college you have to build a strong profile with at least 4-5 years of experience, more than average academic records. To secure a GMAT score of more than 700 you need to score 40-51 score in verbal and quant respectively.

Mistake 3: Bogus LORs or SOPs Restrict

Sometimes MBA aspirants in greed of seeking admission in the renowned business colleges create bogus or overhyped themselves in the SOPs, or LORs which can be one of the reasons of rejection of candidature. Use simple English language for writing the sentences, never over project yourself. The documents should clearly represent your long-term and short-term plans.

Mistake 4: Fail to Provide Documents Related to Visa or Funds

Sometimes MBA aspirants fail to provide the original and necessitate documents for approving either Visa or acquiring funds. Keep all your documents ready beforehand, so there will be NO chance left for losing your MBA candidacy. Improve your skills, work for quality and definitely you’ll be succeed. Good Luck!

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