In the lights of technological advancement, learning apps are creating buzz among the readers and replacing the books with trendy gadgets. In education sector also, app based learning are making the teachings easier and interesting that help students to understand and memorise the contents to study in an effective way. Following the league, comprehensive international test prep kits like GMAT, GRE are available in app version. Byju’s GMAT Preparation app can be easily downloaded from AppStore or Google Play Store.

Features of GMAT App Based Learning

GMAT apps are highly prefered due to the following features:

  1. Time Saving: GMAT Apps are time savers as you can play the videos or jump to sections directly you want to see or read wherever you get time. It saves your energy and fuel from travelling to coaching centers.  
  2. Interesting: GMAT App based learning contains graphical representations for solving comprehensive questions, which are highly human interactive.
  3. Mobility: GMAT Apps are mobile in nature; you can even learn your topics while traveling to office as well.
  4. Highly reconciled: Visualising and listening are easier ways to memorize the study contents instead of listening only. For e.g., when we watch a movie, we are able to retain the story for many years while only listening to the audio clips may cause difficulty to retain the content,  the moment we deviate.

Make GMAT preparation easy with Byjus- GMAT app

BYJU’S- GMAT app is India’s leading GMAT test prep providers.  With one touch students can get content for 150 hours of comprehensive GMAT study that includes 100 hours for verbal and 50 hours for quant. Additionally it provides 3,500 practice questions and personalized question bank.

BYJU’S  will be glad to help you in your GMAT preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GMAT and MBA from us by just giving a missed call at +918884544444, or you can drop an SMS. You can write to us at