With the advent of technological advancements, learning apps are creating a buzz among students thereby replacing the books with some trendy gadgets. App-based learning has made a solid impact in the education industry and is continuously making the entire learning process easier for students to understand and grasp knowledge in an effective manner. Following the league, comprehensive international test prep kits like GMAT, GRE are available in the app version too. GMAT mobile apps are undeniably one of the most appealing ways to prep up for the GMAT exam as the contents of the course material is designed in a very convenient and user-friendly way for ease of operation of the users.

Confused where and how to begin? In this blog post, we shall cover the complete guide to a GMAT mobile app which will help you to understand its uses and application and also help you to incorporate it effectively in your GMAT prep journey. GMAT apps like BYJU’s GMAT Preparation app is the best mobile app which can be easily downloaded from the AppStore for iOS or Google Play Store in Android devices respectively.

Top 7 Features of GMAT App-based Learning:

Let’s take a look into why you should opt for GMAT apps as part of your overall GMAT prep odyssey:

  • Time-Saving: GMAT Apps are time savers. As a management aspirant, you need to use your time effectively while prepping up for the GMAT exam. As a result, GMAT apps are highly preferred as you can play the videos or jump to sections directly you want to see or read whenever you get time. It saves your energy and fuel too from travelling to far-off coaching centers.
  • Access to Realistic Practice Questions: GMAT Apps offer practice questions which are similar in tone, quality and length of the actual test. By practicing these questions, you can get a real feel of the exam and work on those areas which need improvement thereby enhancing your GMAT preparation.
  • Interesting: GMAT App based learning contains graphical representations for solving comprehensive questions, which are highly human interactive and makes it easier for you to grasp difficult concepts easily.
  • Comprehensive Lessons and Content: A GMAT prep app contains skill-enhancing lessons which are explained in a detailed manner and any complex topic which is difficult to understand, you can watch the videos over and over again and take notes wherever necessary. You can refer these notes while you’re revising later.
  • Mobility: GMAT Apps are mobile in nature; you can even learn different topics while traveling to work irrespective of location.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Any GMAT prep app that you choose to download should be easy to use, navigate or even understand the concepts. Having a user-friendly interface with texts and visuals explaining complex concepts makes it simpler for you to grasp tough content easily.
  • Memory Retrieval: Visualising and listening are the easiest ways to memorize the course content instead of just listening. As a matter of fact, the human mind tends to retrieve visual clips better than audio clips. For instance, when we watch a movie we are able to retain the story for many years. On the contrary, listening to the audio clips may cause difficulty to retain the content for a longer period of time if we deviate from it for a moment.

Make GMAT Prep Easy with BYJU’s GMAT App:

BYJU’s GMAT app is India’s leading GMAT test prep providers and highly preferred by management aspirants. By using this app, it will greatly help you to practice the various tough lessons of the course material and maintain notes wherever necessary. The course content includes access to over 3,500 practice questions and personalized question bank and 150 hours of comprehensive GMAT study that includes 100 hours for Verbal Skills and 50 hours for Quantitative Reasoning. At BYJU’s, we offer to be a part of your GMAT prep journey and our mentors guide you in organizing your study schedule systematically and score high in the GMAT exam.

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