Does GMAT AWA Really Matter for B-School Admission?

Analytical Writing Assessment or AWA offers you to write an essay: Analysis of An Argument in an allotted time of thirty minutes. This is the first section which everyone faces during the GMAT test.

GMAT AWA for B-School MBA

Generally, GMAT aspirants focus mainly on Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Reasoning; we should bear AWA in mind concerning its importance from B-schools perspectives. The content in AWA essay is unique instincts because it reflects your strong opinion on the business challenges, governmental policies, and scholarly research. You have to critically analysis the argument since it gives you an edge to participate in the class discussion enables you to prove your argument with informative points. An essay with 4-6 paragraphs is considered to be a good piece of an essay.

Impact of AWA Score:

Does AWA score affect the GMAT score? Well, it is always a mystery, since the moment you ends up with the test your Quant and Verbal score pops up on the computer screen, but doesn’t contain AWA score.

After 15 days from the test appeared, you’ll get your score card and it contains AWA score out of 6 marks, separately. But your good score in AWA attracts B-schools due to the following reasons:

Influence B-Schools:

AWA has nothing to do with GMAT score and B-schools mainly focus on the GMAT. We can’t state that AWA is not important. Your AWA essay can influence the business schools perspectives towards you, as they contain the real visions and thoughts of yours. So a score of 4-5 in AWA will be advantageous for you.

Check Your Language:

Through this, your English language is being tested. English is the common language to be spoken in all countries and the study course also carried in English. Hence it is very necessary to have a command over this specific language.

Non-Native English Speakers:

For non-native English speakers, it is a bit challenging, to do well in AWA section. We recommend you to give time in reading English articles. You can take few crash courses for the language. It will be foolishness to spend 40% of your preparation in AWA while devoting 0% in AWA will be a big mistake. Start preparing AWA with Byju’s App based learning method, it contains more 150 videos related to AWA essay writing tips and tricks.

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