GMAT CR: No Coincidence


GMAT Critical Reasoning - No Coincidence

We have already discussed two assumptions of GMAT Critical Reasoning– Alternate Cause & Reverse Causation – underlying the cause and effect model of CR Arguments. This article will be focusing upon the third and last assumption i.e. No Coincidence of the cause and effect model.

Let’s say we have two events X and Y taking place, X followed by  Y. The author has ventured ahead to establish causation between these two events by stating X has caused Y. But there is every possibility that this is just a coincidence. For the author, there is no such thing as a coincidence in this case. So if two events have taken place simultaneously or for that matter, one following the other, would be the first invariably caused the second.

I will illustrate my point with the help of an example. In India, Horus would-be couples are matched and only if the matching is successful the parents of the bride and bridegroom agree to go ahead with the marriage.  The assumption underlying this practice is that Good Horoscope matching leads to Happy couples.

There is every possibility that this just a coincidence but for the believers in astrology there a cause and effect relationship underlying these two events namely Good Horoscope Matching and living together happily ever after.

One instance of a couple’s horoscope matching being good and not so happy married life of the couple or vice versa is enough to weaken this assumption. To strengthen this assumption, another instance of Good Horoscope matching and happily ever after a married life of the couple can be quoted.

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