GMAT Essay Template

The Analytical Writing Assessment is particularly referred to as the essay portion of the GMAT exam. Although it might not resemble the type of essays which you might have written in your college days. In GMAT, it’s advisable to have an essay template which acts as a model which gives you a customized structure and pattern. In the past, you might have written essays with outlines, but the GMAT essay template happens to be a bit more comprehensive in nature. If your research on this a little, you’d know that there are multiple variations of the GMAT essay templates to choose from. In this article, we will take through how creating an essay template will help you nail the GMAT essay assignment and give you the opportunity to choose the best one which suits your requirement and also assist you to achieve a perfect 6.0 in the AWA section.

How does a GMAT Essay Template Help?

Although we are aware that a GMAT writing template is a detailed blueprint which addresses a lot of considerations for your essay. Some of the features that an effective GMAT essay template should include are given below:

  • Your essay should have a proper structure i.e., paragraph by paragraph format. An essay with a detailed structure displays an intelligible set of ideas into an argument. As a matter of fact, an essay is essentially considered to be linear by projecting one idea at a time which makes sense to the reader of the text.
  • Each paragraph should contain readable content. This implies that the kind of content in each paragraph should support or indicate the points you’re trying to make.
  • An essay template may contain varied and refined pre-written sentence stems probably at the beginning part of a sentence. Keep a check which are the main kinds of flaws in sentence construction and avoids these mistakes while writing an essay.

Interestingly, you do not need a lot of creativity or innovation in the AWA section. You just should be fully aware of the basic structure and what are the thoughts or points that you wish to convey through the essay. Likewise, an essay template is an incredibly effective tool which ensures that you address every moving piece of the argument and successfully completes the analytical writing task which is expected of you. In short, your essay should be a detailed and well-structured piece of content with an in-depth analysis that unmasks the flaws and suggests ways to strengthen the validity of an argument. You can refer to the essay writing practice tool offered by GMAC known as GMAT Write which offers 2 essay prompts and 4 essay submissions for your practice. The tool derives a score for you on the basis of the official GMAT scoring algorithm which costs $29.99. Having an essay template tool in place and practicing writing essays will definitely help you to write clearly and address each flaw in a convincing manner.

One key point to remember is that you should avoid plagiarism as you’re most likely to get disqualified if you copy any information from somewhere else. For your information, GMAT readers are specialists and they can capture easily from your text or content if any of it is the brainchild of some other person or published elsewhere. So having a GMAT essay template in place provides you with an action plan to write an essay that hits the right chords of your GMAT exam while you also save enough time and energy to complete other sections of the test.

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