GMAT Exam: How to Tackle First Few Questions?

Tackle Questions in GMAT Exam

GMAT is a computer based adaptive test and it follows a specific algorithm for the scoring purposes. Let’s explain it with an example: Have you ever played Xbox games? It is divided into three difficulty level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The well you played at these levels, it increases the difficulty level, and gradually increase the score.

Similarly, in GMAT, the first ten questions of quant and verbal are vital. According to our experts, if the first ten questions are answered correctly, it will set a benchmark of difficulty level and add up the score or vice versa. With every correct answer, the first ten questions multiply your chances to score more than 600+.

If the number of wrong answers is more in the first ten questions, then it will obstruct your way to achieve 600+ GMAT scores. It will decrease the difficulty level of questions asked. And thus it will affect scores graph.

If you answer the first 2 or 3 questions correctly, following the test algorithm a difficulty level is established for you. But if you give wrong answers from question number 4 onwards, it will have an impact on the total score obtained in verbal and quant. Though in the later part of the test, if you had performed well, still you won’t be achieving the desired result. On the other hand, if you answered the first ten questions correctly; you’ll reach a certain level with optimum marks. Then from this level, if you answer incorrectly, your score will not drop down so abruptly, and you’ll be less penalized.

So one thing you might have understood that how much first few questions are significant. Let’s iterate, B-schools do not focus on GMAT score only, they consider your candidature based on the following aspects: Letters of Recommendations, Essays, & Interviews.

Our Byjus mentors accumulated few tips to avoid bogus activity while answering the first ten questions:

  1. Do not rush: Speed is the need for GMAT test. But in first few questions take the minimum time of 25 minutes to solve questions altogether.
  2. Be calm: While attempting the questions, cool down your mind and focus.
  3. Be careful: Though you’re splendid in solving problems with shortcut and techniques. But be cautious while coming closer to the answer part.
  4. Note down the question first: The main thing is to note down your problem first then start solving.

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