GMAT Preparation 2017

GMAT Preparation 2017


If you want to be in a top business school with good score, you need to start GMAT preparation early. It is one long way to go as one have to study hard for GMAT exam and require complete dedication to get a high GMAT score to make your admission profile more power pact.

How to start GMAT preparation?

One good thing about GMAT is that you can write the exam anytime and anywhere throughout the year but this advantage will become a bane if you take too long for your GMAT prep. It may deviate you from your target. So here is a six-steps formula on how to prepare for GMAT –


Determine the time when you want to pursue Management Program In one or two year? Then check for the admission deadlines, meet GMAT eligibility criteria.

In 2-3 year? In that case, explore more about MBA. Decide on which MBA specialization you would prefer. Benefits of studying in a particular b-school, like campus placements, pay packages etc.


Register for GMAT Decide on a study plan. Detect your weak nerves in the subjects. Go for online GMAT preparation classes as it will save your time and you can study at your own pace. Download Handbooks from official GMAT website.
Hone your Skills Make your basics strong. Try to use shortcuts and techniques while solving Quant and IR. Practice from practice sets and take mock tests regularly.
Start studying Devotion and dedicated study is required. Work on your question solving pace. Develop a writing habit to make your essay writing strong.
Evaluate your progress and continue study Practice more and more experimental questions. This will help you to know your weak points. Enhance your reading comprehension speed. Take regular mock tests. Religiously solve practice sets.


Plan for Test Just before the exam, don’t read anything new. Be calm, confident and cool


GMAT Preparation Time

It entirely depends on you and your schedule as you have a professional and personal life to balance, where you must be juggling with GMAT preparation somewhere in between. However BYJU’s GMAT experts suggests that don’t take too long time for GMAT prep. Pick any 1/2/3/6 – months study plan and stick to it vigorously.

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