5 Time Management Tips for GMAT Exam

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

                                                                                            Leo Tolstoy

This quote is apt for GMAT aspirants. Imagine your test center as a war zone; you’re bombarded with 37 quant questions and 41 verbal questions, and you have to conquer each in 75 minutes!

“Try to solve each verbal question in 1.5 minutes and quant in 2 minutes to avoid thwart due to time scarcity, as it is advisable that giving wrong answers is better than leaving it unanswered. As No penalty imposes on wrong answers.” This is the standard preach you’ll get from the test appeared candidates. In fact, many of the GMAT prep websites sermonizes the same.

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We understand the students’ capabilities and never believe in dictating the same rule to be imposed on everyone. We recognize the need of the student’s, individually and advocate accordingly. It is a pure truth that “SPEED” is the key to unlocking the time hurdle in GMAT.

5 Time Management Tips for GMAT Exam

Beat the time in GMAT with Byju’s management:

  1.    Develop a strategy for every question

Preparedness never allows the opportunity to let go, so neither in the GMAT exam. If you’re well revised of the topics accompanied by a different range of questions, without losing time you can go for it and end with a correct answer.

  1.    Taking a long time to solve the question

We panic if the first question is taking more time to get the answer. No need to worry about that. It is a kind of brain drill. We suggest the same type questions in a decreasing time span. This will not only increase your capability to deal with the long question in limited time. Also, enhance your skills in recognizing the problem and solving with proper tactics.

  1.    Create your way of solving the problem

To solve high thinking order questions, create your area of systematic solving by breaking it into different segments. Once you gain the authentic way of solving, try to achieve excellence in solving in minimal time. Follow the same rhythm in the exam also.

  1.    Do not fall in the  trap checking and re-checking answer

With 2 minutes for every question in the quantitative segment and 1.83 minutes for each question in the verbal part, you don’t have that extravagance. Rehearse tests will give you an intuitive feel for when you’ve found the correct solutions, and that should suffice much of the time!

  1. Don’t get “married” to a question

As said as of now, this is one of GMAT’s lethal traps for the stiff-necked applicants who don’t know when to abandon a question. It’s anything but difficult to fall into the trap of considering “Gracious, I know this! I can unravel this!” and get so got up to speed in the test of finding the answer that valuable time is lost. Figure out how to give up the minute you understand you’re battling indiscriminately. Utilize the time so saved money on another question you can split effortlessly.

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