GMAT mock Exam

The scores of your GMAT exam will assist you to gain admissions in the university of your preference. The GMAT is one of the most difficult competitive exams which hundreds of applicants attempt every year so that they can study at the top B-schools around the world. Therefore it is necessary for you to spend adequate time on preparation so that you can achieve the desired scores in the GMAT. There are several strategies which one has to adopt in this regard to ensure effective preparation. One of the most valuable tools which will facilitate your preparation are the GMAT mock tests.

The Mock exams help you in several aspects and can be extremely beneficial if utilised in the correct manner. The GMAT exam is adaptive in nature which means that the difficulty level of your next question depends on your performance in the previous section. This may be a new format of exam procedure for many candidates since not many competitive exams employ it. Hence it will be advantageous for you to attempt these gmat online practice tests which will aid you to get accustomed to the pattern of the exam and the adaptive testing methods as well. These mock exams also act as a diagnostic test for GMAT. They help you self analyze your performance so that you are able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly work towards improving the same. These practice tests also help you to get familiar with the various sections of the exam, the timing you need to allocate for each section, the break patterns etc. All of these play a crucial role in determining your performance on the date of your actual GMAT exam. In addition to the above mentioned benefits a gmat mock test online will also provide you with the approximate score range you are likely to end up with in your final exam.You will get to know how to answer questions in a quicker manner and also be able to find tricks or shortcuts to solve even complex questions in a simple manner.

Since the GMAT exam is an online computer based exam it is vital for you to become used to this method of testing and this is how the gmat mock online tests will prove to be useful. The duration of the GMAT is yet another feature of the exam which you will have to be acquainted with. This is because the GMAT unlike other competitive exams is a lengthy exam and it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete it which is inclusive of 2 optional eight minute breaks. When you attempt the gmat mock tests online you will get to know exactly how much time you spend to answer each question and whether the speed with which you are answering the questions is sufficient or if you need to improve on the same.

There are many tests which are available on the internet and you can take any number of gmat mock test free online as per your requirement. The full length gmat practice test can be found on the official site of GMAC. You will gain access to 2 free online gmat mock tests with your account credentials which you would have created to register for the GMAT exam. Since these tests are from the creators of the exam itself it makes it much more credible in comparison to the other tests. You may even encounter questions which have been used in previous years or versions of the exam. The pattern of the questions and the type of questions which are likely to appear in these free online gmat practice tests will be probably similar to the ones which will appear in the actual exam. Along with questions in different sections – Quant, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning, you will also be provided with the solutions and explanations for each question. The scoring pattern which is used in these free gmat tests are the same algorithm which will be used in the actual exam as well. This will assist you to gain a better understanding of the questions which you may come across in the actual exam. You will also be able to analyze the areas where you can improve your performance and accordingly spend more time and efforts towards the same.

Aside from the above there are several other online platforms which you can also utilize for attempting various free gmat mock tests online. One of the leading app based providers for GMAT prep is BYJU’S. They also provide some of the best free gmat mock tests as well. You can access the same on the following link – GMAT Mock Test BYJU’S. It is a free full length gmat mock test and provides you with a real time environment of the actual GMAT exam.

Both the above mentioned free diagnostic gmat tests aim to help you in improving on your performance in the final exam. The diagnostics will aid you in determining how to work on your study plan and which areas you will have to concentrate more on and spend more efforts to effectively boost your score in your GMAT exam. It is imperative that you have a strong grasp on all the topics in the syllabus of the exam so that you will be able to easily navigate your way through the GMAT. The free GMAT mocks can even be attempted before you begin your preparation of the exam as it would help you to assess which topics you are well versed in and which subjects you will have to dedicate more time.

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