Online vs Classroom Coaching for GMAT prep

GMAT Preparation Online Versus Classroom Coaching

GMAT Counselors at BYJU’s are often asked the following question by future MBA aspirants – “How relevant is your Tablet-based GMAT Preparation Course?”, and “how to prepare for GMAT being a working professional?”

We believe in a quality education that suits the students, which is convenient and most flexible for the GMAT aspirants. The GMAT aspirants are usually working professionals, who have been detached from studies, say for five years or more than that. They are mostly individuals whose daily routine comprises of spending more than eight hours in the office, going through long meeting hours, battling anxiety to meet deadlines etc.

After office hours, sitting for 2-3 hours for GMAT coaching is gruesome. When was the last time you attended an exam? A competitive or an academic exam? Mostly, it was during your graduation when you wrote a full-fledged three hours exam.

GMAT is a three and a half hour long exam. One point you should remember is that GMAT is a graduate level standardized entrance test which comprises of the basics up to high-school level in the test. So you need to dig up all the lessons you learned all through your schooling days, but it is an advanced form not to indulge your energy in long solving techniques.

Why Online Classroom?

1. Convenience

Online classes are very convenient for the adult learners as the internet contains every information you may require just a click away. It is not a time-bound study schedule which one has to follow in the classroom lectures. Online classes save your energy, fuel and time. It saves you from the hassle of driving to classrooms and attending classes for the next couple of hours. Online classes have become part of the virtual world where you can form discussion boards on platforms like Quora, ask questions, give answers, participate in the debates on the hot topics. You no longer have to adhere to any rigid coaching class timings or worry about not being able to attend classes due to your other commitments. You have the option to study whenever and wherever you please. You need not depend on the availability of the teacher, the schedules of the classes etc when you want to study. Your online classroom is available for you 24*7 and just a click away.

2. Interest

Online classrooms are more interesting when it comes to learning as they use graphics, PowerPoint presentations, and technologically advanced teaching aids. While in classroom teaching, one has to stick to one book, whiteboard, and a pointing stick. Sometimes, the lecturer’s voice is also not audible for the back-benchers; they might give up interest. It has been proven that individuals learn better with visually stimulating and appealing study material when compared to the conventional textbook method. Since GMAT involves a lot of topics (Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning) it requires the candidate to spend long hours studying. Several of these concepts like graphical illustrations for Integrated Reasoning or Geometrical questions in Quantitative Aptitude can be explained better with visual aids. This automatically intrigues the candidate when he is studying.

3. Flexible

Online classrooms are very flexible in terms of time slots, subjects teaching modes. One more advantage is that if you have skipped one class due to any reason, or if you’re unable to grasp few points at the same time; you can record it or watch it later on their official websites. While learning in the classroom is monotonous where you are bound to pay attention and there is no option for a recap. As already mentioned above it is relatively easier for you to study online since there are no factors like stringent class timings, professors availability etc obstructing you from your preparation. It is feasible to commence learning at your preferred time and for the duration, you will be able to allocate for the same. You need not follow the same study plan which the professor is teaching, you can choose the topics you would like to learn according to your strengths and weaknesses. You also have options like online forums where you can seek assistance if you have any doubts about the topics you are learning.

4. Discipline

Online classroom is much more disciplined as you’re taking this either from your home or from the library where peace and calmness exist. Whereas in the classroom there will be a huge crowd of people say, 20-25 people, who might be whispering, asking questions in between or maybe creating several distractions which could have an impact on your concentration. The professor to student ratio will be completely imbalanced with 1 professor for a class of 25 odd students. On the other hand, you can get personalized attention in an online classroom where you will have a mentor dedicated especially to you. They will cater to your needs and clarify your doubts instantly. The online classroom programs can also be tailor-made according to your requirements (i.e) if you need more assistance in the verbal section than the quantitative section or if you require more tips for analytical writing etc. The online programs will be able to accommodate your requests which will not be possible with the classroom programs.

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