GMAT Preparation Plan in the last 20 days

Preparing for the GMAT exam is definitely not a simple task. It involves a lot of dedication and sufficient efforts to score high marks in the exam. Most of the candidates who attempt the exam are working professionals and hence they need to double their efforts during their last stages of preparation. The last 20 days is crucial for your preparation since it will influence how you perform in the final exam.

You would have by now gained a good comprehension of the syllabus and topics of the exam. You would have completed studying the major sections of the exam syllabus by now. You will also have analyzed on what your strengths and weaknesses are. Therefore it becomes easier for you to go ahead and ensure you overcome your weaknesses in these few weeks before the exam. One of the steps which will assist you on this aspect is to create a study plan which contains all of the topics you are not well versed in. Stick to completing all of the topics within the stipulated time so that you are competent in the same by the time you finish studying. Another key influencing element is attempting mock tests on a periodic basis. They prove to be extremely beneficial to help you self evaluate the places where you are most likely to commit errors and which areas you are strong in. Practice exams enable you to become familiar with the testing patterns of the GMAT exam (i.e) the marking schemes used, the break patterns, the time allotted for each section in the exam, the adaptive testing methods (the difficulty of the next section depends on your performance in the previous section). When you are working on your areas of deficiencies it is important to take corrective actions so that you are able to conquer the same in the final exam. Keep in mind that it is not only necessary to solve the answers correctly it is also required that you solve them within the limited time frame in the exam. This way you become aware of all your problem areas and will be well equipped to solve them accordingly.

We will discuss in the following points the appropriate steps you need to take week wise in your last leg of preparation for the GMAT.

Week – 1

Knowledge improvement on the sections of the exam you are still not confident about. Spend the first week honing your skills on these sections and also on the overall structure of the exam. When you boost your expertise about the structure of the exam you tend to get familiar with the question patterns in every section. This will help you to navigate in a faster and better manner during the final exam. You can attempt free mock tests to help you in this regard. You must develop key strategies so that you are able to master any type of questions which may occur in the exam. Time yourself during the practice exams so that you have a general perception about how long it takes you to complete each section. Since the GMAT exam is designed to evaluate the candidate’s competencies in every section and to test how well he can adapt himself to any tricky or distinct questions asked in the exam.

Week – 2

Focus on Quantitative topics and Integrated Reasoning questions as well.

In your second week you can spend definite time on the above sections. This will help you to revise all the topics as well as revisit any problematic areas which you may have. Create a formula sheet which you can refer back to and contains all the fundamental formulas in different sections like – Algebra, Geometry, Number properties, Data sufficiency. Spend appropriate time on answering Integrated Reasoning questions as well. When you practice these questions you gain a better understanding of the same.

Week – 3

Focus on Verbal topics and Analytical writing essays. In your final week of preparation set aside some time for brushing up on the verbal topics such as – Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction. Test your vocabulary skills with the use of flashcards or online games which are abundantly available. Finally read up on some high scoring AWA essays to help you interpret why and which sections of the essay scored the most marks. You can adopt the same techniques to obtain a high score in the AWA section as well. The intention of this section is not to test your knowledge on the topics but only to assess how proficient you are in the English language.

If you are a working professional you will need to find the balance between your full time job and preparing for the exam. Allocate adequate time to studying even on the weekdays so that you don’t have to study intensely or frantically in the last few weeks. Once your GMAT exam is just 20 days away it is important to remember that you don’t panic and remain calm to complete the remainder part of your preparation. Use the official guides and other good quality study materials for every section. Since the majority of the applicants are working professionals they can opt to study for the exam with the use of many high caliber online apps like – BYJU’S which are available in the market. This reduces the time and efforts they need to spend on commuting to classes. They will not have any interruptions during their preparation for the exam and can study with undivided attention. The study material which these online apps provides are visually stimulating for individuals providing detailed slideshows, graphical representations and infographics. Additionally the study plan can also be customized as per your requirement as well. You will not have to follow a rigid or stringent timeline and schedules as is the case with attending regular coaching classes.

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