GMAT Preparation Tablet From BYJU’s

BYJU’s GMAT Preparation Tablet

Typically in other leading institutes they take classes for 60-70 hours for both quant and verbal, where 30 hrs are given for quant and 30 hrs for verbal. In those 30 hours of quant you have around 15 quant topics explained. If you do the math, each concept like arithmetic, algebra, geometry will get around 2 hrs each.

Now, do you think teaching a concept + making you solve practice questions + GMAT questions + difficult questions can be finished in just 2 hrs?

It’s very difficult for a teacher to teach from basics to high level with such time constraints.

Let me come to the key features of our product and how we can help you achieve your dream score

Content in Chip

  1. We provide 150hrs of very comprehensive content with 100 hrs for verbal where 30 hrs are dedicated completely for basics and the rest 70 hrs for practice questions, GMAT questions and high level questions. We provide 50 hrs of content for quant where we dedicate 25 hours for basics and 25 hours only for practice questions + shortcuts.
  2. Special feature – DIAGNOSTIC TOOL KIT – Explanation of DIAGNOSTIC TOOL KIT: Every question will have 5 options, you usually concentrate looking for the right answer choice and don’t research on the wrong answer choices but our faculty has researched that these 4 wrong answer choices falls into a pre defined standard bucket of 10-12 wrong answers for each type of question. So when you solve a question in a tablet, we know what wrong answer you pick up. We know the wrong answers GMAT tests you on. So when we combine these two, we can tell that your accuracy in summary question is only 30%. Your personalized diagnostic tool kit will tell you why you are going wrong in a particular type of question; it will show you a graph. For example 70% of the times you are making type-A mistake or 30% of the times you making type B mistake. Other 9 mistakes GMAT tested you, you did not pick. We won’t show you. And once you know where you are doing a mistake and why you are doing a mistake, diagnostic tool will give you recommendation videos to correct your particular mistakes…by doing this you can easily improve your accuracy levels and become better in a topic.
  3. 3500 practice questions
  4. Personalized question bank
  • Who has designed the content?

This tablet has been designed by our leading faculty Mr. Santosh & Mr. Amith, who have a score of 780 & 760 out of 800 in GMAT respectively. Mr. Santhosh has done is MBA from the premier institute, ISB, where he was a gold medalist. They have designed the entire content in the tablet and the video lectures.

  • Intensive GMAT Live Webinars

Flexible and more effective are the words which can describe this. These are Live online sessions delivered over a virtual platform, typically what you get in a classroom course is delivered in the form of a webinar so that you can join us from wherever you are. We ensure that the experience the student will have here is exactly the same as in a classroom course. You will also have an option of getting your doubts clarified through these webinars with the Faculty. These webinars are delivered by top-notch faculty who have taken the GMAT test and scored a 700 and above. There are 20 intensive topic wise live sessions of 2 hours each spread over a span of 4 weeks, the best part about these are this is flexible too. If you sign up for a 1 month course you can still complete all the topics in 1 month or attend 2 each week and spread it over 6 months if your are signing up for a 6 month course. You can also repeat the sessions in case you do not understand a certain topic; we will be sharing the schedule of these webinars once you sign up for our course.

These 20 sessions are also repeated through a recorded version in case you miss any, so that makes it 40 sessions of 2 hours each in a month.

  • Mentorship

The third level of personalization is the 1-on-1 sessions. (No group sessions) – Here we will assign a personal mentor where in they can help you with taking this prep further when you require that one to one doubt clearing session. They will proactively follow up with you with respect to your study plan and ensure that you are at par with your GMAT prep.

  • 5 computer adaptive mock exams and solutions to all OG questions



We at Byju’s, start right from the basics for both quant and verbal.

Now let me introduce the most important part of our program. Suppose you go to a classroom coaching center, you will have a teacher who will take classes and then he will give you a test and discusses the right answer and the wrong answer and gives his own logic to solve the question…

But do you think any teacher in any classroom program in the world can tell you WHY YOU MADE A MISTAKE in each and every question?

In a GMAT Coaching Class of 10-15 students, there are people with varied age groups so a teacher can never tell each and every student why they are doing a mistake and how to correct the mistake. So if you don’t get that personal attention from your teacher, what’s the point of a teacher?? Even books can give you a lot of content, concepts, tests etc. What is missing here is the personalized affect.

Don’t you think you need this personal attention for MBA, which will probably be your last degree?


We’ll be glad to help you in your GMAT preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GMAT and MBA from us by calling us at +918884544444. You can write to us at