How do I prepare for GMAT as a working professional?

The GMAT exam is one of the most challenging competitive exams which is attempted by individuals aspiring to do their MBA degree overseas. The admissions committee of most of the top B-schools prefers to admit candidates with sufficient work experience since they believe such individuals are better suited for the demanding schedules of the MBA program when compared to freshers. Such candidates will have the necessary edge as they would have already practically experienced the operations of various departments in the organization and know the interdependence between each branch (Marketing, Finance, Administration, Sales etc.). These will prove to be useful when they have to do case studies during their course of study for MBA. Of course, to gain admissions into the leading universities you will first have to clear the GMAT exam. Preparing for the GMAT is not a simple task and should not be taken lightly. This becomes even more significant for working professionals. This is because they have to handle preparing for a demanding exam as well as be in a full-time job. Although it is a strenuous task it is still possible to overcome the above-mentioned challenges and prepare for the exam successfully.

prepare for GMAT as a working professional

The main problem which affects many of the working professionals is the time factor. They are already on very stringent timelines and hence will find it difficult to allocate an ample amount of time for preparation on a daily basis. However this is not necessary and it is sufficient if you dedicate even an hour or an hour and half on a daily basis during the week days and 7-8 hours of preparation for weekends. Diligent preparation is certain to assist you immensely. You can initially judge on where you stand before you begin your preparation by attempting mock tests. This will give you a fair idea about which topics you need to spend more time on and what sections you have performed well in. These practice tests can be undertaken on a regular basis towards the end of your preparation since that will help you understand the progress you have made with your preparation and also which areas you are prone to making errors in. They will also help you to get accustomed to the testing conditions of the exam. The next step you can implement is to develop a study plan which will suit your needs and the time which you can spend for preparation. Set yourself realistic targets so that you can easily achieve them. An effective study plan is certain to boost your learning process by leaps and bounds. Consistently following the study plan which you have mapped out will definitely benefit you.

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As already mentioned above such working professionals are bound to have a very limited amount of time available to them. Therefore commuting to classes on a daily basis or weekly basis may prove to be a laborious task. Besides such classroom trainings will have stringent schedules, predetermined study plan and distractions from fellow classmates. Gaining the attention of the professor teaching the classes will also be a difficult task since there will be 20-30 students in every classroom. Whereas opting for online classes or coaching eliminates all of these problems for you. Online learning provides you with access to unlimited study materials. You can study from the comfort of your room without any external interferences. You have the freedom to choose when to study, what to study and for how long to study. There won’t be anyone to dictate or impose any restrictions on how you study.

Some other simple approaches to maximize the time required for preparation is to study during your commute to and from work, learn vocabulary during your break times at work etc. These are very easy to follow and yet effective methods for preparation. If required you could also take some time off work to prepare as well. However don’t plan to quit your job just to prepare for the exam as this will create a negative impact in the minds of the admission committee members. At times you will have to adopt self motivating techniques to keep yourself engaged throughout. Ensure that you obtain the appropriate study materials for preparation in the various sections of the exam. A few of the books which are recommended for each section and can be utilized are listed below :

Books for GMAT Quantitative:

  • The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review 2017.
  • GMAT Advanced Quant: 250+ Practice Problems & Bonus Online Resources (Good for Advance Math).
  • Total GMAT Math: Volume 1.

Books for Essay Writing for GMAT:

  • Graduate Admissions Essays: Write Your Way into the Graduate School of Your Choice.
  • GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics (Test Prep Series) (One more effective book).
  • MBA Admissions Strategy: From Profile Building to Essay Writing (Magical Book on essay writing).

Books for Reasoning:

  • GMAT Critical Reasoning (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides).
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning (FULLY SOLVED).

Books for GMAT Verbal and Grammar:

  • The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2017 with Online Question Bank and Exclusive Video (Good book, Covers all the topics that are to be used to preps for GMAT).

Although securing a good score on the GMAT exam is bound to boost your profile significantly you will also have to spend adequate time on developing other aspects of your profile like – SOP, LOR, Certifications, Internships etc. Most of the admissions committees prefer to admit individuals who are resourceful and multi talented rather than only academically brilliant students. Therefore spend time to work on the above mentioned elements simultaneously along with your preparation for the exam. Finally maintain a calm attitude and remain flexible throughout your preparation for the exam. Remaining confident is your best bet to help you ace the GMAT exam.

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