Why Byju’s for GMAT prep?

Byjus GMAT Preparation

GMAT preparation has to be immaculate. You already have loads of things to worry about. Job schedule, work, meetings, social life, family and GMAT preparation. So, opting the right preparation tool is an integral part.

GMAT aspirants can be categorized in these 3 groups

  • Work experience of 0 – 3 years.
  • Work experience of 3 – 7 years.
  • Work experience of 7+ years.

You must have already thought by now, in which category you belong to. Each of these categories are of different age groups and have different set of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to GMAT preparations. While learning from Byju’s tablet, you can personalize your study material as per your strengths and weaknesses.

We will discuss here all about why and how Byju’s tablet learning program can help you to prepare for GMAT exam.

  1. Learn Basics – This course starts from the 8th standard basics. So the classes could be pretty boring for some students. But you have facility to skip. So why bother!
  2. Learn Shortcuts – There are infinite shortcuts available for mathematics problem. But what about the verbal questions? Don’t worry, we have it. Yes, your read it right. With us, you can master simple shortcuts to solve verbal questions with our unique mathematical approach.
  • Reading principles – While reading the passage, usually the tendency is to give equal importance to each and every sentence. But do you know that only 20% of the passage is sufficient enough to answer 80% of the question. 10 reading principles will tell you how to highlight the 20% of the passage. The basis of these principles is the keyword like ‘that’, ‘but’ etc. Sounds weird? But it works for all the passages. Initially it would be difficult to apply it. But once you get used to it, your accuracy as well as speed will increase by a significant factor.
  • RC Rules – There are shortcuts for each and every kinds of question asked in RC. Whether it be main idea, inference, database, hypothetical tone etc. You can solve the questions by just looking at few lines.
  1. 150 Hours of Lecture – Byju’s tab has 150+ hours of lectures on each and every topic. Now you decide what pages to study. Analyse yourself and your preparations. If you are weak, go through all the lectures. If average, then jump into the intermediate level and advance level concept videos. If you are a pro, don’t even go through the lectures. Directly hop into the questions.
  2. Time Flexibility – Study at your convenience. Generally working professionals get free time during late night. But no one will conduct the classes at that time only because of your convenience. Because of the flexibility of time of this tablet learning program, you will be in touch of the course on a daily basis not will only limited to only weekend classes.
  3. Adaptive Learning – GMAT is a computer adaptive test which means that the test provides you a set of questions of variable difficulty level depending upon the answers you provide for the previous question. It doesn’t have a pre-fixed set of questions. This adaptive test is so designed to test your analytical & problem solving skills. The test begins with questions of average difficulty. Once you answer a question, you receive a slightly tough question. You can only see one question at a time and cannot move to the next question without solving it. Once you answer a question, you cannot revert back to it that is cannot change or rectify it. With Byju’s tablet based learning program, which also follows this same pattern of adaptive learning, you can prepare for the GMAT with an ease.
  4. Video Solutions – To explain the solution of a question in RC, one have to make it comprehensive but it’s going to be one passage of 200 words. To read and comprehend, is one hectic task. Here is the reason why BYJU’s have introduced video solution so that the answers are vividly clear to you.
  5. Diagnostic Tool kit – GMAT is a very standard exam. Even if you look for a specific question, the wrong answer that is framed is among the bucket of 11-12 possible kind of wrong answers.
    Diagnostic tool kit is built on this concept. For example, you solved 30 questions in RC, where 10 questions were on ‘Main Idea’, in which you made mistake in 8. So the diagnostic tool kit will point out that you have poor accuracy in ‘Main Idea’ questions.
    Now that you know where and how you make mistakes, tap on any of the bar graph, it will lead to a lecture as to how you can rectify this error. QUITE PERSONALIZED!
  6. Adaptive Question Bank – We give you a facility to put a filter on whatever question you want to solve. Let’s say that from diagnostic toolkit you evaluated that you have poor accuracy in main idea questions. Put a filter on main idea and solve those efficiently without going through random questions.

With three different levels of personalized attention, compatibility and customization, we hope we have answered all your queries regarding online program. With BYJU’S, you can easily cover up the entire course of GMAT within 3-4 months by studying for merely 2-3 hours on a daily basis. All the Best!! Talk to our educational experts for a proper guidance.

We’ll be glad to help you in your GMAT preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GMAT and MBA from us by calling us at +918884544444. You can write to us at gmat@byjus.com.