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GMAT Webinars


GMAT Webinars

The seminar conducted over the web is known as webinars. And in GMAT it has got high value from GMAT aspirants. The GMAT test is the most standardized test for seeking admission in MBA program offered by various renowned B-schools across the globe. And this test is based on the basics of verbal, quant, essay writing and integrated reasoning.

The parameters of GMAT scoring are based on:

No. of questions attempted with correct answer

No. of difficulty level questions you attempted.

No. of questions you attempted in the specified time.

Hence you need to be very fast while solving the questions that too accurately. And this will you only achieve when your base is as strong as concrete. To hone your skills in the GMAT preparation, several GMAT prep centers conducts webinars.

What Webinars?

Webinars are the class-room teaching conducted over the internet. In this process, the GMAT aspirants can participate, and there is one specific teacher who guides the GMAT aspirants by clearing their doubts, gives a lecture on specified topics, familiar GMAT aspirants with shortcuts and easy techniques to attain a correct answer.

Why opt Byju’s Webinars?

Byju’s is the leading edu-tech organization, taking the education to the next level of hi-tech. Byju’s learning classes comprised most talented and dedicated mentors experienced over the years in particular subjects the participate in the webinars.

In Byju’s webinar one could ask their problems and clear doubts and suggest the approaches obtain the correct the answer. Byju’s conduct surveys, like they ask a question to all the participants and inquire to answer whether it is correct or wrong? Accordingly, they discuss the question if it is right, then why it is right? Or if it is wrong then why it is wrong?

The eminent professionals take Byju’s webinar:

Santosh P.N.

  • Trained over 30000 students over the past 5 years for various exams such as CAT, GMAT,GRE,UPSC.
  • 780 / 800 Scorer in GMAT, 338/340 Scorer in GRE, 100 percentiler in CAT Verbal Section.
  • ISB alum, Ex-Mckinsey Consultant, Hedge Fund Manager for the last 3 years.
  • Has over 5 patents and 2 International conference papers in Automotive Electrical and Electronics field.

Amit Ravindra

  • Trained over 30000 students over the past 5 years for various exams such as CAT,GMAT,GRE,UPSC.
  • 760 / 800 Scorer in GMAT, 100 percentiler in CAT.
  • Serial entrepreneur and Incubator- Few of his successful companies are – Precision component manufacturing firm “Sri Rama Auto components” in Bangalore, LED firm “Amlite”.
  • Gold Medalist, Mechanical Engineering, UVCE , Bangalore NTSE scholar.

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