GMAT Quant: Geometry Preparation Tips

GMAT Geometry Preparation Tips

Geometry deals with all the shapes and their properties. It is a branch of mathematics follows the theorems. In GMAT quant exam, you’ll get approximately 4-5 questions based on geometry. The geometry generally compiles the following topics:

Without taking much of your time, one thing you should always remember that never rely on screen geometry figures, draw your own diagrams. Why we’re claiming that because sometimes especially in data sufficiency questions since the diagrams imparted in the GMAT for these questions can give the wrong impression about the diagram.

Here are the few guidelines you should follow while drawing your own diagrams during the GMAT test.

1. Study geometry for GMAT exam at least for 2-3 everyday. As it deals with theorems so you need to understand and memorize them while solving the problems.

2. On A4 size paper note down all the formulae and paste it somewhere or keep enchanting those during study break.

3. As told above draw your own diagram to avoid mistakes while calculating the degrees of angles or length of the line or anything.

4. Never..Never… ever waste your time in solving one GMAT geometry question during the exam. Since there is no penalty imposed on the wrong answers and you cannot skip question you can mark the most nearby answer among the options available.

5. Memorize the tricks to solve long questions: for example: if you’re solving questions on triangles remember the following things like the angle sum property of triangles. Different kinds of triangles and their properties.

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