What to do During GMAT Test Breaks?

In the point of fact, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is 3 hours 45 minutes long a mental strain session. To relief, the test takers from exam stress GMAT allows two optional breaks of eight minutes each. The first break is offered after the Integrated Reasoning Section; the second break is offered after the Quantitative Section. Often, students confound during the test breaks either they refuse to take or start revising the points for the upcoming sections. Students should understand this eight minutes break is meant to pause their brain from excessive thinking process. You should be aware that what to do during the GMAT test breaks.

Here we’re describing you six different ways to utilize these crucial 8 minutes

  1. It exactly Eight minutes!

Before 2000, the GMAT provided only five minutes break to exam-apparent, which hardly they counted. Then, it changed and became 10-minutes break, the drawback of this norm was if you returned back to your computer system after 11 minutes, a minute was elapsed from next section during the test. In 2010, GMAC and Pearson/VUE (the set of test centres where the GMAT is administered) decided to reduce the break timings by 20%, i.e. from 10 to 8 minutes, they could run more people through the test centre more quickly. Students should utilise it as a refuelling and refreshing session.

  1.   Eight minutes includes your Check in and Check Out timings

Once you accept the option to take the break, quickly leave the testing room. The timer begins as soon as the screen asks you about the break. Don’t forget to take a note of your break time.

  1. Wisely use your Eight minutes

After leaving the designated test area, you can use the time wisely.  Sitting in one place for too long can make you feel sluggish. To reduce the laziness do some sort of stretching activities, take a small walk. Refuel yourself with energy-boosting snacks like dark chocolate, nuts, sandwiches. Remember, your snack menu should not include any junk food.

  1. These eight minutes are not meant for studying

Generally, it is observed that test takers tend to revise the upcoming section of the test, which is wrong. These eight minutes are meant to refresh your mind from  GMAT exam anxiety and stress. During the break don’t juggle up instead you can strategize your performance for the remaining test sections.

  1.  Don’t compare your first section with others

During these eight minutes of break, often students start discussing their performance in the previous section. We recommend not to become either active or passive member of that community. This can deviate you from proposed objective or may adversely affect your exam execution.

  1.  Remain calm is the key to success

Indeed, GMAT test questions will increase your heartbeat, but don’t allow it overshadow your performance. Be confident enough that for this D-day you practised a lot and a few minutes of nervousness can’t put your hard work in vain. Remain calm and with all cool mind face the bombardment of questions in the test sessions and ultimately you’ll be the winner.

All the best!

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