GMAT Vocabulary

GMAT Vocabulary List

Learning a long list of English Words for GMAT essay writing is not a one day task. To grasp the new words you have to keep on reading articles from newspaper and magazines and try to include those in your daily conversation to get the actual meaning of those. These will not only help you in achieving a satisfactory GMAT Score, but also will polish your communication skills, which is a much-needed expertise in the MBA World.

To assist you in increasing and improving your vocabulary, BYJU’s GMAT Masters have developed a Vocabulary Flashcard Cluster.

GMAT Online Preparation

These days education has gone beyond four-walls of a classroom. Online GMAT preparation is the new cool! In this technological advancement scenario, educational institutions are also providing their study materials online or explaining through video lectures, which is a real time saver.

Byju’s GMAT learning App is one such platform. Byju’s GMAT Tablet learning program is one such offline course or we shall say, a Classroom, where you can learn and ask doubts, by attending a webinar. There you’ll get the chance to interact with the GMAT Guru, PN Santhosh, who is a 780 / 800 Scorer in GMAT, 338/340 Scorer in GRE, 100 percentiler in CAT Verbal Section.

Why Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Reasoning are so Important?

The quant and verbal are the game changer section in a GMAT Test. The GMAT test score of Quant and Verbal displays as soon as you finish the GMAT exam, as it is a computer adaptive test which follows a certain algorithm. After 15 days of your GMAT test, you’ll get your AWA and IR score.

The test pattern consist different difficulty levels which starts from the set of score of 400. The question from 400 score is set and assumed to be appropriate for an average student. With every right answer it will jump to next level i.e. 400, 500, 600 and so on. On the other end with every wrong answer you’ll be descended to 400, 300,200. In GMAT test, 200 is considered as grace marks which means no one score less than 200.

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