What is a Good GMAT Score?

A good GMAT score is the first factor to be considered by the hopeful MBA aspirants. The calculation of GMAT score is a brain teaser. Securing a good GMAT score is certainly one of the most important criteria for gaining admissions into your dream B-schools. And often, the GMAT test seekers look for ‘what is a good GMAT score?’ or ‘what is a bad GMAT score?’ to elucidate we are composing the distinct ranges of GMAT score in combination with percentiles. Before proceeding further, we want you to understand the following principles of the GMAT scores:-

1. Different B-schools possess different expectations and usage of the GMAT score.

2. The percentiles signify your performance from the peers; for e.g., an 85% percentile ranking indicates that you got a higher total score than (or equal total score to) 85% of your peers and a lower total score than 14% of fellow GMAT test-takers.

The GMAT scores contribute towards your admissions process to a considerable extent. The admissions committee of the top universities will prefer to admit candidates who have a good GMAT score and overall excellent profile. GMAT scores are considered as one of the measures by many of the premier institutes in the world to evaluate an individual’s calibre and his competencies to get admitted into an MBA program. Attempting practice tests is also another method to help you become familiar with the testing environment for the GMAT exam. It assists you to self analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

GMAT Score- An Overview:

As discussed, we have distributed the GMAT score into three sections namely: BEST GMAT SCORES, BETTER SCORES and GOOD GMAT SCORES. It is always better to have clear vision about the path which leads to success.

Let us define what usually qualifies for a good GMAT score by many applicants. This is a score which is guaranteed to help you secure a seat in your preferred B-schools irrespective of how its rank may be. Therefore a good GMAT score tends to be anywhere upto 650. You may also conduct appropriate research about what the average scores are for the universities you want to get into. It has also been noted that the average GMAT scores for Quant tends to be higher than for the verbal section. This however does not mean that the Quantitative section is easier than the verbal. This could be due to the fact that there are many candidates for whom English is a second language and they are not native speakers. Therefore a good GMAT score combined with an extraordinary profile is sure to help you get into the B-school of your choice.

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Next comes the better GMAT scores. Now these scores range between 650-700 and such a score is bound to help you gain admissions in a slightly better ranked university. You will have to make a list of the universities based on the program which you want to study. This will help you create a list which gives you a better overall idea of the score you need to achieve in order to get admitted.

Finally the best GMAT scores range between 710-800. These scores are certain to help you get into the top -ranked universities. The illustrious top 10 B-schools in the US are certain to prefer candidates with high GMAT scores. You need to ensure to combine this with an equally competent profile as well to improve your chances of gaining admissions.

TOTAL SCORE: 710 – 800
TOTAL SCORE: 650 – 700
ESSAY: 5.5
TOTAL SCORE: 550 – 640
ESSAY: 4.5-5

To make your research about GMAT score easier, we are cohering here the relation between your GMAT score and its percentile.

GMAT Total Score: As we all are aware of that GMAT total score is gauged on scale of 200-800. And the secured score is the average score of quant and verbal. The factors which influence the scoring of GMAT are:

  • The number of questions attempted in each section within the specified time i.e. 75 minutes.
  • The number of questions answered correctly.
  • The degree of difficulty of the questions which are attempted.
  • There is no penalty for the wrong answer, but penalty is imposed on failing to attempt a test section or skipping any questions in a section.
Total Score Percentile Ranking
800 99%
750 98%
700 88%
650 75%
600 57%
550 41%
500 28%
450 18%
400 11%
350 6%
300 3%
250 2%
200 0%

Verbal and Quantitative Aptitude Percentile Ranking: The difference between the quant and verbal is the fact that some of the aspirants possess the ability to solve the quant problems quickly. Secondly, it could also be contributed to the rising number of non-native English speakers who are attempting the GMAT test.

Score Verbal Percentile Ranking Quantitative Percentile Ranking
51 99% 96%
46 99% 60%
41 94% 43%
36 81% 31%
31 62% 20%
26 44% 12%
21 27% 7%
16 13% 4%
11 4% 2%
6 0% 0%

Integrated Reasoning Score and Percentile Ranking: Integrated Reasoning is measured on scale of 1-8. It’s doesn’t have any influence on the GMAT score, mentioned separately on the scorecard. However, the B-schools consider the whole set of GMAT score, including the individual section score.

Integrated Reasoning Score Percentile Ranking
8 93%
7 82%
6 70%
5 55%
4 40%
3 26%
2 12%
1 0%

Analytical Writing Assessment Score and Percentile Ranking: This section asks the aspirants to write an essay on Analysis of an Argument. The score ranges from 0-6 with 0.5 mark increment. The highest attainable score could be approximately 5.0 or above. Once again the AWA score as well does not influence your final GMAT score.

Analytical Writing Assessment Score Percentile Ranking
6 89%
5 54%
4 18%
3 5%
2 3%
1 2%
0 0%

Generally, admissions committees use the scores and percentiles to evaluate your strong candidature for the offered programs. It gives them an idea about how competent you are in each section. In addition to this they also use this as a medium to understand if you will be able to match the pace of the rigors in the academic schedule of an MBA program. The score helps them deduce if you possess the fundamental skills in Verbal, Quant and Integrated Reasoning. It also ends up influencing the B-schools rankings as well when they admit candidates with high GMAT scores.

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