How Long Does it Take to Get GMAT Scores Card?

The admission process to B-schools occur twice in a year i.e. Fall (August- September) & Spring (December- January) for MBA program. Hence, the most important thing that strikes you is “How long does it take to get back the GMAT score card?”

One thing you should take into account, order Scorecard for the specific program you want to pursue. You can select the courses from the database of the official GMAT website.

Here, we have collected several questions that are frequently asked by the GMAT aspirant.

How Long Does it Take to Get a GMAT Score?

You’ll get the unofficial GMAT score the moment you finish the test. This unofficial score contains the sum total scores of Quant and Verbal, out of 800. This score does not include your Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score.

To get the official GMAT score, you have to wait for approximately 20 days from the date you have appeared for the test or in 3-4 weeks. The official score contains the total score of AWA, Quant, and Verbal. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the regulating body of GMAT test, sends the score card to the students either through postal services or electronically on the home/ email address provided by the aspirants. There is no additional charge levied for getting the GMAT score card; the fee is included in the registration fee itself.

Even the students can rely on the unofficial scores because there is hardly any difference in the score between the official and unofficial scorecard for GMAT.

How Long Does it Take for Schools to Get the GMAT score?

After completion of the test, your GMAT unofficial appears on the window, and you can directly send your GMAT scores to your selected top five B-schools. The service charge of sending the GMAT scores to the B-school are already paid by the applicants at the time of registration. If you want to send your GMAT scores to more than those selected five b-schools, you’re supposed to pay an additional charge of USD28 for each score card.

What if You Canceled GMAT Score?

If you found your performance not up to your expectations and you feel you can score more, then GMAC gives you the option to cancel your score. Remember, the B-schools will then not be able to receive your scores.

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