How to Get the Recommendation for MBA Application?

MBA Application RecommendarSince you have decided to seek admission among top B-schools, Congratulations! A vital part of the application process necessitates your best recommendation letters and ensuring that you are equipping them with the right amount and type of details about yourself that makes their duty easier and your application process smoother. Strong letters make big differences, and that means it’s essential that students approach this with maturity, seriousness and professionalism.

Instructions: Firstly, from a simple table for your recommender of each school to which she/he will be submitting the letter, as well as the application deadline for each B-school. Many schools propose, that recommenders submit the letter at least a day prior to the actual deadline to guarantee that your application is complete.

Next, address whether each school needs the recommender to account school-specific questions, or if a general letter is admissible. Finally, briefly explain the online recommendation procedure, as most B-schools prefer online submissions.

Your Strengths: Disclose to the recommender that in order to make the process easier for the applicant, you should come up with a list of characteristics that you are featuring about yourself in your application, along with some examples of each characteristic from the time you’ve worked side by side. Of course, state that the recommender can revise or alter any of these ideas.

Your list should contain at least 3 strengths (such as vision, teamwork, and leadership), with 1or 2 supporting anecdotes. A recent performance assessment can be a good place for you start when you arrange the rundown of your strengths.

Areas of Development: Most schools question recommenders about your weaknesses or areas of development. Rather than shying away from the scene, change your self-awareness into a strength. Give the recommender a development region for you and additionally case of how you are dealing with it. (Once more, a late execution assessment is a decent place to begin.) Likewise, address how getting your MBA will help you advance create here. At that point the recommender can address your development and mindfulness, indicating schools you mean to get down to business and enhance their system.

Your goals: You should also briefly explain your career goals and the reasons why you are in quest of an MBA. Your recommender is probably already known about your goals, but it can be helpful to give a succinct description that she/ he can use as a reference.

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