How to Choose your GMAT Test Date 2020

The GMAT exam unlike other competitive entrance exams is available throughout the year. This means that candidates have the option to select the dates which are convenient to them and also the test centres where they would like to attempt the exam. There is no cut off date or deadlines which individuals will have to worry about while registering for the GMAT exam.

However while selecting your GMAT test date 2020 there are several factors which you have to keep in mind before finalizing. Some of them are as listed below :

  • College admissions Deadlines
  • Preparation Time for the exam
  • Time to reattempt the exam to improve on the existing GMAT score
  • Which round of MBA application you are aiming for
  • Time taken for preparing your overall profile ( SOP, LOR, CV’s etc)

Once you create your profile on the official website, you have to choose three GMAT test centres as per your convenience. And according to the dates available, you can select the most favorable dates and take the test on the selected day and time. The timings of the GMAT exam are either in the morning or the afternoon slot. You should select your GMAT test dates by checking the application deadlines of the universities you are applying to. It is advised that you should attempt the exam and have a minimum of 5-6 months before the application deadline. Although rescheduling and cancelling the GMAT exam is possible you will have to do so more than 7 days before your actual exam date. In the event you do reschedule within 7 days then you will have to make the entire fee payment of US $250. Do note there will be no refund if you are a no show for the exam. If you choose to reschedule the exam more than 7 days before your exam date then you will have to make a payment of US $50. Similarly if you cancel the exam more than 7 days before your actual GMAT exam date then you will receive a refund of US $80. You will not be allowed to reschedule within 24 hours of the exam.

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You should take into consideration the possibility that if you end up with a poor performance in the exam you will still have time left to reattempt the exam and submit your scores for the admissions process in the university of your preference. Another important element which should influence your selection of the GMAT test date is the time which you will have left for preparing for the exam after you complete the registration process. You will have to accordingly map out a detailed study plan as per your strengths and weaknesses so that you will be able to effectively prepare for the exam. Ensure to attempt sufficient mock exams so that you are familiar with the testing pattern of the exam and it will also help you to come up with an effective strategy to achieve the target score which you have been aiming for.

Although the GMAT exam dates are flexible you still have to remember that if you would like to reattempt the exam, there needs to be a 16 day gap between both the attempts of the exam. You can attempt the exam upto 5 times in a calendar year and 8 times overall. Therefore remember to make use of the attempts in a wise manner. It is also recommended that you complete the registration process at the earliest so that you are able to select the exam date which you want lest it be unavailable due to filling up of all the slots.

As mentioned earlier it is important to also keep in mind the time which you will require to develop your overall profile – SOP (Statement of Purpose), LOR (Letters of Recommendation), CV, Essays, Internships, Online certifications, Extracurricular achievements etc. These elements also significantly influence your chances of gaining admission to the university of your preference. In fact in most of the top B-schools the admissions committee prefers to grant admissions to individuals who have exceptional profiles rather than candidates who are only academically intelligent. It is imperative therefore that you spend adequate time towards developing all of the above aspects of your profile to boost your chances of securing an admit.

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There are about 39 centres for the GMAT exam in 34 cities in India. Hence it is likely that you will find that the GMAT exam dates available almost every day of the week. The GMAT time slots are usually available for either the morning or afternoon sessions. It is essential that you find out which timing suits you the best and accordingly book the same for your exam. You will have to select the time when you feel you are the most alert and will be able to perform the best.

It is important to consider all of the above mentioned factors before you finalize on the date you would like to attempt the GMAT exam. Do ensure that you complete the registration process at the earliest so that you are able to schedule the exam as per your preferred date.

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