How to Study The Last 7 Days Before Your GMAT

After spending countless hours to prepare and study for the GMAT, as you draw closer towards your scheduled test day there are a few things you need to do to brace yourself the week before you take the test. First and foremost thing for you is to create a routine for yourself. Try to maintain your composure and equanimity to cool down your nerves during the week so that you can attempt the exam with full vigor and hit the maximum potential GMAT score on the test.

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7 Days before your GMAT

Try to cover the last few topics and revise important concepts. Start taking practice questions and mock tests to stay upbeat with your preparation. But ensure that you do not take more than one or two full-length timed diagnostic tests during the week which lead up to the GMAT. While taking these tests, try to simulate your routine for the day of the real exam. If you’re able to complete the simulated test on time, it gives you the boost to perform well in the main test. During the week, do some practice exercises and give yourself two minutes to answer each question, this will encourage your body and mind to get used to the pace of the GMAT exam. Ensure to practice more and more questions and focus on a few strategies to consider the week leading up to your GMAT exam.

#1. It is imperative for a test-taker to stay healthy before the exam. As a GMAT applicant, make sure that you eat well, exercise regularly, catch some sleep and try to meditate to increase your concentration and focus in your GMAT study plan.

#2. Live in an organized and clean space, this helps in increasing your concentration and helps to boost your confidence. You can’t believe it until you try it. So try it to experience the difference.

#3. Pay a visit to your test center so that you can understand the road/traffic conditions and can decide beforehand the easiest and quickest way to get to the test center before the exam begins. This avoids you from getting frazzled on the test day before you begin your exam.

#4. Without fail, check the GMAT exam guidelines for items which are allowed or restricted in the examination hall. Ensure to carry all the necessary documents to avoid last-minute surprises.

A Day before your GMAT

A day before the GMAT exam, ensure that your whole body and mind are fully relaxed and stress-free. Give your brain a much-deserved break from the daily routine. By doing this, you’re likely to accomplish a few things like a composed mind, not nervous about the exam and maintain a cool state of mind to retain important concepts before the test. Besides, you can adopt some fun approaches to just let go of the exam pressure:

#1. Spend some quality time with family and friends. Socialize with people to divert your mind from the daily exam routine.

#2. Play some outdoor sport for an hour or so like swimming, badminton to de-stress your body and mind and get out of practice mode.

#3. Watch a comedy movie or just go out to watch a play. This will mellow out the mental stress that you’ve been through during your preparatory stage.

#4. Check thoroughly all the documents/items like your roll number, hall ticket, ID proof that you would need to carry on the exam day. Keep your bag ready so that there are no misses on the exam day.

#5. Eat light but appetizing meal/dinner which refreshes your mood. But don’t binge on junk food to unwind your mind.

#6. Last but not the least, get a sound sleep of at least 8 hours to cool down your nerves a night before the exam. This also helps in keeping a positive mindset during the exam.

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On the Day of your GMAT Exam

#1. On the examination day, train your brain to wake up a little early than usual to reach the exam center on or before time.

#2. Don’t forget to have your breakfast and try to keep it as light as possible.

#3. Drink a freshly brewed beverage like tea or coffee if you wish to relax your senses. Drink fluids like water or fresh juice to stay hydrated during the exam.

#4. Arrive at the test center at least 30-45 minutes before the test.

#5. As an applicant during the test, you’re the best judge to decide which are the questions that you wish to attempt first so that you’re able to save enough time for other sections. It is extremely important to warm-up in a fresh mood before you kick-start the test. While selecting the section, choose wisely.

During the Examination

#1. Follow all the examination instructions at given.

#2. Although you’re not allowed to eat or carry food in the examination hall, you can carry a pack of biscuits or energy bar to refresh and lighten the exam stress. You can choose to have it during any of the 8-minute optional breaks.

#3. Practice some breathing exercises in between the breaks. This will supply more oxygen to your brain and will help you to stay focused during the exam.


During your preparatory stage, you’d have taken a full length timed diagnostic test, this would have given you a fair idea of the pacing of the test and the real feel of the GMAT exam. The sole idea is to stay level headed while attempting the questions from the different sections and be in your best mental state for the D-day.

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Good luck!