What ID Proofs do I Need to Take for the GMAT Exam?

Proper identification documents are required for taking the GMAT exam. If you are unable to present the authentic documents on the day of your exam, you may get barred from taking the test and your GMAT fees will get forfeited. To appear for the GMAT test again, you will have to again start from scratch.

ID Proofs for GMAT Exam

On the test day, examiners verify the student’s identification with the provided authentic ID Proofs. Please note that in every case, the document provided must be current and valid (i.e., must not have expired on or before the date of the exam) Acknowledgments/letters of renewal are not acceptable. A few of the documents which can be used as ID proofs to appear for the GMAT exam are given below.

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • National/ state/ provincial ID cards
  • Military ID cards

Note: A passport is mandatory if the test centre is outside your country of origin. In some cases, your passport might be the only acceptable ID even if you are taking the test in your own country domain.

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All forms of ID must include your name and date of birth in exactly the same way as you have mentioned in your GMAT application form, it should also contain a recent and recognizable photograph and signature. If anyone’s ID documents (from the list above) provides insufficient or doubtful information, the candidate may be asked to show a second document (from the list above) to fill out the missing information.

The following documents will NOT be accepted as proof of your identity for the GMAT test:

  • Expired IDs
  • Temporary-issue IDs such as Passport cards or acknowledgments
  • Social security cards
  • Draft classification cards
  • Credit cards
  • Employee or student IDs
  • Letters from your university or college
  • IDs with physical descriptions instead of photos
  • Photocopies of documents

If you have any doubts about the validity of your identifying documents, make sure you contact the GMAT customer service before you register for the exam. This is recommended so that you avoid any unnecessary last-minute issues on the day of your exam. As already mentioned you may not be allowed to write the exam if any of the ID proofs which you provide are not adhering to the GMAT requirements.

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