6 Effective Tips for acing the MBA Interviews

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At last! The most awaited time has come when you’re all set to toss your luck’s coin and grab a seat at a top notch globally recognised B-school. The feeling a day before your MBA interview is puzzling; you might feel delighted to celebrate your success as you’re a step away from your dream B-school or maybe you are anxious or eager to know what type of questions the interviewers are likely to ask you the next day. Or perhaps, you might attempt a ‘soliloquy’: assuming the questions that could be posed to you and trying to answer them.

One thing you should remember is that all B-schools interview candidates who possess a strong profile along with an admirable GMAT score. The ad com looks for the candidates who have something unique to add to the diversity in the present environment. So before you stress yourself and become overcome with uneasiness regarding what to do on the day of your interview? We are giving you a general perception here:

(1) Envision Success

Confidence is the main essence of succeeding in the MBA interview. It gives you the strength to trust your abilities, conquer your fear of test phobia and gives you the opportunity to envision success. Here are three points you should not forget while you prepare for your interview:

=> Appreciate yourself finally you’re achieving your dream for which you had worked so hard.

=> Frame yourself at that moment, with all scenes of joyous happiness.

=> Boost your self-esteem.

=> You can plan ahead on your career progression once you complete your MBA degree.

=> Visualizing the exemplary education you will gain from studying at some of the top universities will also help to improve your morale.

=> You can also think about the contacts which you are likely to build and how you will be able to expand your network in the process.

(2) Smile Curbs Out Stress

Undoubtedly interviews are stressful and exert pressure on your thoughts as well, but a pleasant and endearing smile can control even adverse situations. A smile is always indulged during conversation since it is a ‘mirroring effect’ you’ll get the same response from the person you are speaking to. It will de-stress you during the interview process. Although it is important to be aware of when to smile since it is not advisable to do so in all situations. Be cautious and judge the pulse of the situation before you smile in the interview. When you greet the interview panel you can do so with a smile on your face as this will give them a positive impression about your characteristic rather than appearing tense. The committee will want to grant admissions to candidates who are confident about themselves and not individuals who are easily stressed.

(3) Stay Serene

Confusion with one’s thoughts is always fallacious. So be calm, that doesn’t mean to act like Buddha, alert your nerves but don’t let the stress show on your face. If you feel uneasy during the course of the interview, don’t panic, take a long breath and request to have a sip of water before proceeding to do so.

On the off chance that you have been posed with a question and have incidentally blanked out, it is certainly alright to tell the questioner that you require a moment to consider the answer. Recount your most favourite quieting down mantra, and do as well as can be expected. It has been proven that calming yourself down works miraculously to help recount or gather your thoughts. Although it is natural to be anxious while appearing for the interview, it is also essential to stay calm and composed. Practice answering any questions which you may anticipate can be asked during the interview, being prepared will undoubtedly calm your nerves.

(4) Ask Relevant Questions:

You must commit to memory- not to ask any irrelevant questions to the alumnus or Adcom members when you’re enquired ‘ask any questions if you have’, by the interviewer. Ask thoughtful questions like in what area his/her learning curve improved dramatically, or you can ask the alumnus what he/ she enjoyed the most about B-school. You can prepare a set of questions beforehand which you can ask to the interview panel on the day of your interview. Ensure to ask insightful questions related to the course you are aiming to pursue, details about the faculty which you can’t obtain from their website, the employment opportunities available on completing the degree etc. Don’t ask questions for which you may find answers yourself on their site or given in their brochures.

(5) Be Formal but Talk Friendly:

Usually, the B-school interviews are formal and inclined towards being strict. However, if the interview commences in a formal way with a fusion of being casual it recedes the tense situation. And it gives the opportunity to not commit mistakes while answering the questions posed by interview panel. Generally, it has been observed that the chances of committing mistakes increase in immensely tense situations. During the interview session you can make a note of the following:

=>During the first few minutes of your interview, try to establish a short casual chat with the interviewers. Once again don’t talk about irrelevant topics or veer off course with any personal questions. Try to keep the questions general and interesting. These will help create a good first impression with the panel.

=>Restrain a continuous eye contact

=>Maintain proper body posture and gesture.

=>Lastly and most importantly be formal during the entire process but talk friendly.

(6) Write a Thank-you Note

All’s well that ends well before leaving the interview cabin never miss the opportunity to acknowledge the panel or convey your ‘Thanks’ to the alumnus or Adcoms. Write a Thanks Note in simple language, expressing your heartfelt gratitude towards them. You can outline the note by summoning the most memorable moments in the interview. You can mention how the interview process helped you to learn certain details and how you are now aware of the same. It must convey that you’re excited to join the MBA program in that B-school. But it shouldn’t be a jargon of words and with this, you’ll get a chance to rectify the mistakes you may have committed in the interview.

Pro Tip: Proper sleep makes you feel better and boosts up your mood, so it is absolutely necessary to have a good night’s sleep a day before your interview is scheduled. Wake up early, eat a light and healthy breakfast which will keep you energised and drink water to keep yourself hydrated.

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