What are the IVY League Colleges and What So Special about Them?

As expeditiously we hear the term ‘IVY LEAGUE’, we lost in the world of imagination, where the students are having extra meticulous, wearing the suit with tie and belongs to Richie rich family background. Perhaps this assumption may be right or may not be.

What are the IVY League Colleges?

Ivy League schools regarded as the most esteemed of all faculties in the USA. These schools are mainly situated in the Northeastern part of the state. There are eight comprehensive schools which are considered to be Ivy League. These schools are Columbia universities, and Brown, Harvard University, Cornell University, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania. Of all establishments of higher learning, these top-notch schools are considered to be the greatest and the most desired when it comes to graduation and approval. Many famous people have finished from Ivy League school, including latest presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Applicants Admission rates
Brown 32,390 9.01%
Columbia 36,292 6.04%
Cornell 44,966 13.96%
Dartmouth 20,675 10.52%
Harvard 39,041 5.22%
Penn 38,918 9.4%
Princeton 29,303 6.46%
Yale 31,455 6.27%


what So Special about Them?

Apart from several world renowned delegates studied in the Ivy league colleges, there are still some specific reasons that make Ivy colleges so special.

  1. Seeking world class Quality of education: Undoubtedly, the quality of education is outstanding here. The student who is studying here is learning the every realm of education.
  2. High competition: Since it is one most prestigious schools of education so students from every corner around the world comes here so the level of competition is much higher.
  3. Focussed on macro-management: The Ivy colleges are a bit different from other colleges as the individual initiate career by becoming member of the macro-management of any famous multi-national companies.
  4. Exposure to experimental knowledge: Procuring studies here gives you the chance to hone your skills with experience. Since the classmates of yours may have significant knowledge about macro-management as they could be a part of well established firm.
  5. Placement: Once you reserved your seat in any of the IVY colleges, all our anxiety regarding career comes to an end. As it offers vivid opportunities for career establishment.

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