Jobs you can get with an MBA degree

Procuring an MBA degree is certain to elevate your career and provide you with a radical breakthrough. Most recruiters view candidates with an MBA degree as individuals who are capable of handling and managing a team of individuals. This is why in most cases MBA graduates land up in mid-level to high-level managerial positions An MBA also gives you the opportunity to switch your field of job to assist you in pursuing what you are truly interested in. Of course the industries in which you gain a job depend on what specialization you have completed for your MBA degree. Following is a list of jobs which you can get with your MBA degree in various fields:

Jobs with an MBA degree

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The finance division is one of the pivotal departments in any company since they are responsible for supervising the financial decisions of the organisation. The candidates in this segment of the firm will be involved in preparing reports which depict the financial operations like – Invoicing, Payroll and other transactions. They also have other added responsibilities such as – monitoring the employees of the finance division, Auditing, tracking the progress of the company and to recognize areas to improve the performance of the firm, be abreast with the current technology advancements and accounting softwares, conducting monthly/annual reviews to prepare finance reports, must be updated with the current market trends. The job roles which you will be given are – Financial Manager, Assistant Manager, Financial Analyst, Business Finance – Assistant Manager, Vice President (VP) – Finance, Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The average salary associated with this role is – $62,397 to $151,232 (according to Payscale).


This is another field which also demands the presence of well qualified MBA graduates. The healthcare industry will always have requirements for individuals who will be able to handle the day to day operations in the critical environment of a hospital. These professionals will be responsible for the coordination, planning and management of all the operations in healthcare facilities. They will supervise the activities of all members of the hospital like – doctors, technicians and clerical workers. They will also handle patient care services, finance and check if the hospital is compliant with the current healthcare regulations, technology and law. The job roles in this industry are – Healthcare Administrator, Health Services Manager, Healthcare Finance Manager, Hospital Administrator, Pharma Project Manager, Healthcare Consultant etc. The typical salary for these roles range between – $59,844 to $101,869 (according to Payscale).


An individual who becomes a part of the marketing division of an organization will be involved in assisting the company to comprehend which products the consumers will want the most and what the current market trends are. They will also conduct in depth research investigation about the competitors so that they are aware of the present business direction and can accordingly plan their marketing strategies. Planning campaigns, forming budgets and handling the staff are some of the other responsibilities which the Marketing managers will have. They will be the reason behind creating brand awareness to increase sales and create programs to improve the interest of customers which in turn will increase the number of potential consumers of products. Marketing managers will also be accountable for the execution of several marketing plans to help the organization grow. They should exhibit the skills to lead a versatile team and understand the different marketing approaches. The job roles related to this field are – Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Brand Manager, Product Manager etc. An MBA in marketing may have to study the following courses – Strategic Planning, Consumer Behaviour, Analysis of Demand, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Marketing Specialist etc. The approximate salary for such roles are – $51,892 to $156,077 (according to Payscale).

HR (Human Resources)

This is one of the most popular fields under MBA specializations. It comprises of handling the interview process, hiring of new staff and recruitment activities. They will also work along with senior management for long term hiring schedules. Apart from the above, they participate in other important tasks such as – intimating candidates about their job responsibilities, the benefits, schedules, promotions, professional development, appraisals, payroll management etc. In addition to the above, HR is also entrusted with – addressing employee grievances and helping to resolve the same, conducting job evaluations and job analysis, organizing training sessions. The job titles in this field are HR Generalist, Staffing Director, Technical Recruiter, Employee Relations Manager, Compensation Manager, Senior Human Resources Manager, HR Director . The average pay for these roles are – $49,542 to $144,934 (according to Payscale).

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IT (Information Technology)

There is a huge demand for competent and qualified professionals in the IT field as well. An MBA will help you to incorporate both your technical knowledge of IT systems as well as proven business and management principles. Since you will be at a significant role in the company you will be assigned with high profile and key projects. You will be expected to even act as a mentor to other employees or members of your team. There is always a huge demand for capable and efficient IT professionals who will be able to contribute towards the expansion and growth of the company.The positions which such candidates will be given are – IT Director, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Vice President of Information Technology, Management Information Systems Director, IT director etc. The income of such individuals are usually in the range of – $88,998 to $151,107 (according to Payscale).


The Operations division is pivotal in any organization. Individuals in this branch will be assigned with the successful management of labor, quality control, productivity and safety measures. They will also be in charge of carrying out supervisory operations complying to the company’s policies and applicable laws. The Ops manager will also have to directly manage and direct the operations team and employees. Additionally they also have the following key responsibilities – monitoring the current processes and checking their effectiveness, creating new plans/strategies to improve efficiency, Long term planning, analyzing process flow, implementing changes, developing program budgets, increasing the effectiveness of support services in the organization. The job roles you can acquire are Operations Research Analyst, Business Operations Manager, Director of Operations, VP Operations. Individuals in this domain earn between $82,770 to $184,747 (according to Payscale).


Logistics is a relatively new domain but rapidly becoming significant in the Supply chain industry. It is fundamentally utilised to meet the demands of the customer through planning, control and implementation of the effective movement and storage of goods and services from source to destination. Logistics assists immensely to reduce expenses and improve customer service. The manager for logistics will be accountable for analyzing and co-ordinating the supply chain for an organization. They will have to manage the entire product life cycle and take responsibility for the same till the time it is delivered. It includes how it was originally acquired, distributed and delivered. The supply chain management is critical for many firms to improve their profits. The roles such individuals are usually associated with are – Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager. The salary range for such Logistics Managers is in the following range – $52,635 to $111,186 (according to Payscale).

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