MBA Admission: Get into Your Dream College

In the purview of more career opportunities MBA programs are the gateways which accredit job security, higher designation, high and stable remunerations.

In that race, if you also have thrust of an international MBA at top colleges, it is peak time to transform your dreams in reality. But we can’t ignore the fact, pursuing an MBA in top colleges affects your budget and burns a big hole in your pocket. Prior to MBA you have to spend hundreds of bucks for GMAT test and then the final MBA course. It incorporates high volume course fees, living cost and other preliminary cost. However, the top B-schools promise greatest rewards. For e.g.about the loans incurred for persuasion MBA course, it can be recovered within four years if the course have been procured in top MBA colleges.

Perhaps, you have already researched a lot on “How to get into a top B-school?” In the last minute before applying to the B-schools match your check list with us.

1. Use your workplace for rehearsing what you want to learn in your MBA

While working in any organisation creates a zeal of a particular field where you want to boost up your career. Therefore, participate actively in the day to day problems solving strategies and learn from it. Formulate a strategic plan to meet the working place challenges, and resolve those following the action plan. This will give an edge during the application processes especially when you are writing the application essay and facing the interview.

2. Prepare well in advance for your verbal and quant

Though you have secured a good in score in GMAT quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning, but the game is not over yet. You have to keep brushing your quant and verbal skills because in business studies it comprises subjects like Economics, Statistics, Accountancy and they may demand good calculative skills. On the other hand, for communication, making assignments fluent English would be needed. So it is advisable to prepare well in advance for your verbal and quant.

3. Networking

Since you have worked for few years in corporate world, you made some professional contacts, then you switched to MBA where people from various organisations adjoined there. Being a part of MBA class you have cherished a number of productive contacts. These contacts keeps on adding the more you actively participate in extracurricular activities held in the institution. Or when you became a member of the college welfare clubs and forums. You can use these contacts for further job referrals, or for internship.

4. Easy to get recommendations

To enrol yourself in your shortlisted colleges, your profile should be attractive. And a strong profile requires precise Letters of Recommendations (LORs), a focused Statement of purpose (SOPs) and well described Resume of earned experiences during the working years. Hence, it is necessary to approach those people who can judge you well on professional grounds and on personal grounds, for this use manager and co-workers to help you in passing the swirl of the admission process.

If you’re inspired to be an MBAian, hit up your GMAT books and we will help you in making your learning easy. Byju’s will be glad to help you in your GMAT preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GMAT and MBA from us by just giving a missed call at 08033172797, or you can write to us at

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