What Not to Include in MBA Application Essays?

The MBA application essays are the replica of who you are? What do you do? What is your aspiration? And how much you’re dedicated to your work? So concisely you have to arrange the beads in the string to form a very strong impression on the adcom members. Hence, it is very significant to articulate your essays in a way that possess your traits of a strong candidature and showcase the importance of an MBA in your career to meet the future endeavours. Several times it has been observed that an MBA candidate loosen its candidature just because of poorly written MBA application essays.

So through this article, we give you guidance regarding what not to include in MBA Application Essays.

  • Don’t over hype yourself:

Often, in a race to impress the adcom pupils make false explanations and finally ends up with loosening the admission. Hence, it is advisable to remain genuine, clear and precise while writing the essays as it is better to hide the truth rather lying. Avoid claiming false statements of uniqueness to highlight your persona.

  • Maintain rhythm of writing:

One must maintain a rhythm while writing essays. It is necessary to set a connection between your past career achievements and focus on the means and modes for future accomplishments.  It should be well-described summary of both the situations and well connected to prior paragraphs. It should consist the realistic career objectives.

  • Avoid jargon of words:

MBA career goals essay demands the importance of the course in your career and how this university gives you an edge in gaining the future accomplishments.  Or in other words, you’re pursuing the adcom members through your realistic and optimistic career plans.  Use simple language while writing.  You must use attractive words but in a polite way.  Avoid jargon of words, it should not be loaded with flowery words.

  • Do not repeat:

MBA career essay is a brief description of the objectives you want to achieve, the means and modes of achieving this, the significance. Since, it is rotated about yourself, your career accomplishments so you have to be a bit cautious while writing, there should not be repeating. It recedes the charm of reading to the readers.

  • Mention the rankings:

The MBA essay ponders around you, your achievements and your failure. But don’t forget to justify your failures through the measures you have taken to overcome it. To form a splendid attribute mention your highest accomplishments at the top followed by the others in decreasing order. Hence proper synchronisations should be there.

  • Avoid using short forms:

The texting world dwellers created several short forms of words for say ‘You’ written as ‘U’ or ‘The’ is replaced by ‘D,’ to save time. But in essay writing don’t use such short forms it will create a negative image of you before the ad com. Remember, you’re writing for admission committee to get to your dream B-school.

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