MBA colleges in Australia with Minimum GMAT Scores

Every year hundreds of students are leading to Australia to acquire the most prestigious MBA degree after qualifying GMAT entrance test. An Australian MBA is recognized universally and helps you in career progression. Australia has turned into an alluring area for global in light of the multicultural populace and excellent indigenous habitat that makes learning special and energizing.

Benefits of acquiring an MBA from Australia:

  1. Rapid Economic growth and low inflation rates

The Australian economy is seeing fast monetary development and low inflation as a result of industrial rebuilding and open segment change, making it one of the most grounded performing economies around the world. Consequently, Australia’s management and business studies schools concentrate on these portions of the economy to keep up the nation’s fast advancement. However, the living cost in Australia is economical as compared to UK or USA.

  1. Affordable cost of MBA

Australia is an emerging destination for international students for carrying out MBA due to its low tuition fees. Unlike USA or UK the course fees is relatively less and serves the equivalent value. Australia owes prestigious b-schools where high esteemed professors are disseminating quality theoretical knowledge to the students.

  1. Mixed Culture

Attending business and management classes in Australia offers a unique education that is perfect fusion of both Eastern and Western business practices. It gives you the opportunities to travel around the diverse geography, history and culture that are unique to this continent.

Minimum GMAT score accepted by Australian B-schools

GMAT is the common entry test that international students have to qualify to get into international B-schools. However, 700+ GMAT score is considered to be a good score, if your GMAT score is lying in a range of 610-690 then you can probably for toss for Australian B-schools. They are also the catalyst for an accelerated career. According to The Economist, these are the top three top B-schools who accept minimum GMAT Scores:

World Ranking MBA School Minimum Score
10 The University of Queensland Business School 652
34 University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School 650
46 Macquarie Graduate School of Management 610


Kindly take the following note into consideration that the above-mentioned colleges along with GMAT scores are taken from various sources. For further information check the official college website.

Australian education system spends a lot of time in evaluating and upgrading the MBA course time to time to attract the international students. It offers excellent 42 MBA programs on the platter, choose one and give a shape to your career accomplishments.

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