Why One Should Look for MBA in Asia

In the present few decades, the Asia-Pacific business and management B-schools are witnessing a huge increase in the number of MBA applications from the European and North and South American regions. One of the significant reasons for this increment is  Asian nations are considered as the substantial region in the worldwide economy. The expansion of local businesses is offering ample of lucrative business opportunities to the business tycoons from all over the world and thus generating numerous job options.

To remain ahead of this competitive edge, the MBA programs are outlined with an intention to provide the high-level business and management pragmatic pedagogy to their students. Therefore, students are heading to Asian B-schools to hone their management skills.

Features of  MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific Regions

The Asia-Pacific B-schools pose certain features which are attracting the pool of students from different states of the world. Let’s have a look at the facts:

Cost: Earning MBA in Asian B-schools are more pocket-friendly as compared to B-schools located in the USA or Europe.

Optimum ROI: Return on Investment in management studies pursued from Asian colleges are a bit higher due to emerging economy and offering ample job opportunities. Recently, South East Asia is mushrooming as new junction for various industrial development projects.

Living Cost: The cost of living is Asia-Pacific countries are relatively economical.

No Visa affair: For Asia-Pacific countries, you’ll get the visa easily. And the norms are easily accessible.

Since everything comes with positive and negative aspects; so there are certain limitations which might obstruct your journey but trust us these are not that major serious concerns while procuring multifaceted MBA  degree from there.

Less No. of Top B-Schools to Choose: The best B-Schools are very less in number, so you have to prepare yourself to give a tough fight.

Language Barrier: Language barrier can be a challenge.Countries like Japan or China,  where you can feel this kind of communication barrier at local places, however, you can go for lingual diploma courses carries out by various universities.


Rank Business School
1 NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
2 Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) – University of Sri Jayewardenepura
3 INSEAD – Asia Campus
4 Universiti Malaya – University of Malaya Graduate School of Business (UMGSB)
5 Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM)
6 HKUST Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School
7 University of Colombo
8 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) – Nanyang Business School
9 Singapore Management University (SMU)
10 HKU The University of Hong Kong
11 Keio University – Keio Business School (KBS)
12 Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB)
13 Fudan University – School of Management
14 Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB)
15 University of Kelaniya – Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies
16 Asian Institute of Management (AIM)
17 CEIBS China Europe International Business School – Shanghai Campus
18 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) – International Business School
19 Korea University Business School (KUBS)
19 The Chinese University of Hong Kong – CUHK Business School
21 Koç University – Graduate School of Business
22 Universiti Sains Malaysia
23 ISB Indian School of Business
24 Singapore Institute of Commerce
25 James Cook University (JCU) Singapore
26 Waseda University – Waseda Business School (WBS)
27 Putra Business School (PBS)
28 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) – Graduate School of Business
29 ICFAI Education Lanka
30 Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

Source: FIND MBA
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