MBA in Digital Marketing

The internet and the advancement in technologies have completely changed the public relations between the government and corporation houses. Students seeking an MBA in Digital Marketing give an ace to forecast the marketing strategy, interacting with the targeted customers, predicting the change in taste of customer preference. Moreover, gaining MBA with specialisation in digital marketing enables students to evaluate the research and development of a product or service (R&D) task in a smoother way.

What is Digital Marketing?

The question which lingers everyone is what is digital marketing? Let’s express, a digital marketing incorporates all electronic and online platforms for promotion of brands, product or service. Unlike the print media promotional events, the online and electronic media possess far more reach to the customers.

In the past decades, ‘new media’ means a perfect fusion of technological apps like the social sites apps with the internet has given a widespread platform to disseminate the features of the brands, product or service.

List of Digital Marketing Course Contents

In different colleges, the course carries distinct programme names like Masters in Digital Marketing, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Digital Marketing, or MBA in Online

Marketing. These are the sample course contents:

  • Advertising Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design and Development of Web and Mobile Applications
  • Digital Marketing
  • New Media in Marketing
  • Networks, Crowds and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World
  • Search and the New Economy
  • Social Media for Brand Management

Top colleges for Digital Marketing

These are the top three colleges which can be suitable for you if you have thrived of becoming a specialist in digital marketing.


Course name College Name Location
Masters in Digital Marketing University of South Wales UK
Internet Marketing The University of Alabama at Birmingham UK
MBA, Digital Marketing Azusa Pacific University us USA
MBA, Digital Marketing Sacred Heart University us USA
MBA, Digital Marketing University of Connecticut us USA
MBA, Digital Marketing University of Georgia USA
MBA, Digital Marketing Illinois Lewis University USA
MBA, Digital Marketing University of Michigan – Dearborn USA
MBA, Digital Marketing University of Washington USA
MBA, Digital Marketing New England College of Business UK

According to the, If any individual is pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing as a specialisation can acquire a salary in an array of  $40,600 – $94,197

Salary $40,600 – $94,197
Bonus $491.26 – $13,781
Profit Sharing $24.83 – $9,169
Commission $1,208 – $25,913
Total Pay $39,849 – $99,453

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