Minimum GMAT Score for Good MBA Programs

Minimum GMAT Score for MBA

Often GMAT students hover over the internet to look out answers for the below-mentioned questions:

  • What is the minimum score for good MBA programs in abroad?
  • Can you please tell me what is the least score in GMAT to go abroad and able to seek admission in the popular MBA program?
  • What is the lowest and highest GMAT score one needs to attain to get in some prestigious B-school?

Well!  We strongly recommend that there is no minimum or maximum or lowest or highest GMAT score to pursue a good MBA program in the most prestigious B-schools around the globe.

However, we suggest that 700+ score is the most secure zone to precede further admission procedure. For Harvard Business school (HBS) admitted the least GMAT scorer with 510 in 2015, whereas a 700+ scorer couldn’t make it to HBS. None, of the colleges the mention the least or highest GMAT score on their websites. Unlike in Indian B-schools who follows a mandatory cut-off parameter. Abroad B-schools take the following pointers into consideration before admitting any candidate into their premises. These are:

  1. Letter of Recommendations: It plays a vital role in portraying one’s image in the mind of the adcom.  As it depicts your past experiences, your responsibilities and your job profile.
  2. Essays: It basically defines what type of person you are? It describes you with career perspectives with short term and long-term goals.
  3. Interview: This is the most essential part of the admission procedure, what you have described on papers now you’re suppose to exhibit through personality.
  4. Academics: The academics also add to your value. Eventually a good academic record can turn he adcom member in your favor.

One thing is clear, that GMAT score is an integral part of the MBA admission procedure.   So you need to be all side square. Several international B-schools emphases on multicultural environment so if an MBA aspirant from the different region with a low score could get the entry passes to the college. Let’s explain you with an example, an MBA aspirant name X from Asian continent applied for the US-based B-school. There are already 4 students from America with good GMAT score. In fact more than that Asian guy, in these cases any American guy can lose its candidature to give a place to the Asian guy to add more vivid to the multicultural environment of the college.

Preparing for GMAT score with all efforts is good, but you need to work on other aspect of the admission procedure.

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