3 mistakes to avoid the day before the GMAT

GMAT test day…Tomorrow..Don’t know what’ll be happen tomorrow’, ‘don’t know how many questions will be correct’, ‘what score I’ll attain tomorrow, whether it fall above the average marks slab for my shortlisted college’, are few uncontrolled thoughts will definitely haunt you a night before the GMAT.

Calm down! You have read a lot, practiced a lot, caffeine yourself to study late hours at night. Here comes your test date, don’t worry about that you’ve chosen your test date and you have to perform for your sake apparently. It’s time to shed off your anxiety and avoid the following misleading traits and save yourself to stuck in the last minute pitfalls.

Commit to memory not to follow the three common missteps are:

1.Mugging up

2.Don’t be a night owl

3.Eat, drink and be merry

Mistake #1: Mugging Up

According to Joan Salge Blake, Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, the underlying issue surrounding cramming is actually twofold when it comes to brain function and test-taking.

One thing you must note down here, GMAT test demands a elaborative study schedule with rigorous hard work with a perfect blend of smart work, you can’t mug up everything a night before the test, would you?

Mugging up is never a good deal for retaining the learnings; it can cause tremendous stress and might affect your performance next day. Small revisions sessions are good for memorizing the points or rules for solving the problems.

Mugging up is also directly hooked up to the two other biggest GMAT prep pitfalls, because when you mug up, you’re suppose to stay up for long periods and eat convenient but nutrition less food.

Mistake #2: Don’t be a night owl

About the night sleep a day before the test date, Blake said, “You wouldn’t just wake up and go; you have to train for it.” She added further, “I’ve seen it so many times—students don’t sleep well, wake up, grab a big coffee and go to the test.”

Blake raised her concern about the consumption of caffeinated beverages the day before. She warned, as they can take up to 7-8 hours to wear off, preventing a restful night of sleep. “The day before the test, you want to sleep better, so you want to watch any alcohol consumption,” Blake explains. “It can affect your sleep cycle and really disrupt it; when the effect of the alcohol wears off, it can wake you up, and falling back asleep can be a nightmare.”

Mistake #3: Eat, drink and be merry

Along with soundful sleep, it’s vital to have to nutritional break-fast. According to Blake, a well-balanced breakfast is essential to stoke your intellectual fire. “Your brain loves carbohydrates, so you want to make sure you wake up and have a really good breakfast with complex carbs, whole grains, proteins, and a little bit of good fat,” Blake advises. A standard example is whole-grain cereal with low fat milk topped with nuts or fruit.

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