All About Palm Vein Biometric Identification During GMAT

Palm Vein Biometric GMAT

You may have come across newspaper articles about malpractices in exam centers -where one candidate impersonates another, and someone takes the test on another’s behalf, and so on. While these may seem amusing to a casual reader, you don’t want something like that happening to you! That’s why international tests like the GMAT have extensive and fool-proof methods for eliminating the prospect of foul play.

As a prerequisite for taking the GMAT, your palm vein pattern has to be recorded at the test center as further proof of your identity. It is an integral part of an ongoing effort by the Council (GMAC) to maintain the integrity of the process and ensure that malpractices are avoided. The palm vein reader technology ensures that each test taker has only a single GMAT record and that candidates cannot impersonate each other. Therefore, when you attend your test, make sure that your palms are uncovered.

How it Works

The GMAT typically uses the PalmSecure sensor made by Fujitsu for recording your palm vein signature. This process is easier and less cumbersome than fingerprinting. To record your pattern, you have to hold your palm several inches above the two-inch-square sensor for several seconds. Like fingerprints, the blood veins in your palm stay the same as you age and through sickness or injury, making it as unique as your fingerprint. Palm vein pattern readers use digital encryption unique to a user’s system, thereby providing an extra layer of privacy and security so that the patterns cannot be misused.

Scanning your palm vein is a simple process that should not take more than a few minutes. So, there is hardly anything for you to worry about. Just make sure you arrive at the test center sufficiently early so that you have plenty of time to go through the mandatory procedures.

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