Planning to Write GMAT 2017? Here’s What You Need to Know

GMAT 2017

2017 a new dawn for those who wanted to undertake the MBA program to curb the career challenges, to boost up their career or want to switch their profile. If you’re also planning to step in international business schools to give a shape to your career after qualifying GMAT 2017, pull up your socks now and note down the important dates for GMAT and take the help of official guide for more specific preparation.

Here is the Admission Cycle for the GMAT 2017.

GMAT Exam Dates 2017

GMAT is a standardized test at the entry level for pursuing an MBA program offered by B-schools on an international scale. Mostly the international B-schools prerequisite minimum work experience of at least two years, before they’re applying to the management degree courses. There is no specific date for taking the GMAT test. GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) is the regulating body of GMAT test conducts the test throughout the year.

After registering yourself for GMAT, they give you the option of selecting minimum three or maximum five test centers, then book the exam date when you feel yourself well-versed for the test.

While the B-schools call the admission applications of the GMAT aspirants twice in the year: Fall and spring. It is advisable that start preparing for GMAT 2017 in advance of six months before the admission cycle initiates.

Official GMAT Review 2017 Guide

The official guide for GMAT review 2017 is the authentic book published exclusively for GMAT aspirants.  It gives you a deep insight about the topics which are asked in the test. It consists of practice sets question papers, makes familiar to the type of questions asked in the test.

The new edition of Official Guide for GMAT review 2017 include 15% new variety of questions to give an edge over your preparation

Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017 Features

  • Print guide with 900 practice questions of all types with answers and explanations, math review, essay topics, and a diagnostic test, plus six months’ access to 50 online integrated reasoning questions.
  • An Integrated Reasoning chapter with details about the GMAT exam section.
  • Grammar review covering concepts tested on the GMAT Verbal section
  • An online study companion with 50 Integrated Reasoning questions and answer explanations.
  • A 100-question diagnostic exam to help focus your test preparation efforts.
  • Helpful tips to help you prepare for the GMAT exam.
  • Comprehensive math review covering concepts tested on the GMAT Quantitative section.

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