How to Prepare for GMAT in 60 Days?

If you have an embracing work experience of more than three years and you have a desire to be an integral part of the management hierarchy: don’t waste your time in thoughts. MBA will help you in settling down with new career aspirations. Select the specialization you want to study during the MBA program, plan for GMAT and start preparing.
How to Prepare for GMAT in 60 days?

GMAT is the standardized test for common entry to international business schools for pursuing MBA; one can take the test at any point of time and its score is valid for five long years. And if you’re planning to attempt GMAT over a span of two months it will be smooth and easy going. Though it is a challenging task demanding following a comprehensive study schedule, and sticking to it.

The main constituents for GMAT 60 days challenge:

  • GMAT Official Guide 2017.
  • GMAT prep test.
  • Byju’s Learning App for GMAT.
  • Byju’s Mock Test.

First Fifteen Days Challenge:

Before start to prepare for GMAT test, take a free mock test. Why we’re suggesting this is because it will give a fair idea about your weakness and strength. It will highlight the areas where you have to work hard actually and where only you have to brush up the old learnings. It will enable you to set a targeted score to achieve during the GMAT test. Regular study of 2-3 hours in a day is sufficient to excel in the subjects asked in the GMAT test. While preparing for GMAT test, get your test date and time after signing up on the official website. You will be having a limited time to prepare for the test and keep you motivated to succeed.

Things To Do

  • Watch all the videos of GMAT prep from Byju’s Classes-The Learning App.
  • Practice questions from Byju’s Classes sample question papers.
  • Continue your self study.
  • Complete and review GMAT prep test.

30 Days Challenge:

After the first fifteen days have gone by, you can easily assess what new topics you have learned so far. You are now confident to solve your known questions with shortcut tricks. Schedule your second mock test. Attempt the mock test with newly learned techniques to solve long questions within a few minutes. Give enough time to study every subject. Try to steal some extra time for revision.

Things To Do

  • Official Guide is your best companion ever.
  • Take Mock tests from other test providers.
  • Participate in Byju’s Webinar.
  • Compare your old and current mock test scores.

45 Days Challenge:

It’s been more than a month you have been preparing for GMAT. By this time you must have gained command on solving questions with shortcut methods and tricks. Try to embark on high-order thinking questions. Strengthen your weakness and jot down the questions on which you’re struggling. Get active on the online discussion platforms like GMAT club or GMAT forum, participate in group discussions and questions solving. You’ll be learning new ways of solving the problems. If you find difficulty in solving any particular conceptual question, ask for help from Byju’s Classes mentors and discuss.

Things To Do

60 Days Challenge:

Sit for the final GMAT mock test. It will make you familiar with the actual test scene. It will enable you to tackle the test anxiety and will give you an insight into your performance as to where you can improve more. You should not forget you have dedicated hours and hours to achieve your desires. You have gone through all those stages required to achieve a GMAT score of 700+. During the last days, watch all the Byju’s Classes videos to recall the tricks described for reading comprehension, and sentence correction and many more.

Things To Do

  • Revise Official Guide.
  • Put the last minute touches on all Byju’s Classes sample questions.
  • Evaluate your performance.
  • Take assistance of forums for clearing your doubts.

The Show day of the exam

Calm down…you studied..You practiced and you’ll perform.