How to Prepare For GMAT and CAT Parallely

Mostly MBA aspirants dwell in a dilemma for how to prepare for CAT and GMAT simultaneously and will it ends with the desired results?

However, preparations for the both GMAT and CAT can be done concurrently. In fact, because some concepts overlap, it is as like as killing two birds with the same stone.

However, the test structure, nature of questions, and time available per question are not the same across the two tests. Therefore, you should not attempt the two tests almost simultaneously. You have to leave a gap of at least 4-6 weeks between the two tests. After you have done your basics, decide which of the two you want to attempt first. Then focus exclusively on that test for about 6 weeks. Once done, move on to the other test. This is absolutely necessary because otherwise, you will not get into the rhythm of the test.

It doesn’t really matter which one you choose to attempt first. Set GMAT in the first position in your priority list as GMAT allows you another attempt after a cooling period of 16 days, so in case things don’t go well the first time round, you can always come back to the GMAT after you are done with the CAT attempt.

Unfortunately, there are key differences to these exams, that you must pay attention to. You cannot skip questions in the GMAT, so you cannot have gaps in your preparation. You might get away with not learning Probability for the CAT since there is no penalty for a missed question. You do not have this luxury in the GMAT. The good news is, so long as you have a solid foundation and are comfortable with the basics, you should be able to answer any question in the GMAT.

The GMAT also has a different pattern that the CAT has abandoned, called Data Sufficiency. You need to be comfortable with this pattern, and you cannot pause for too long in the exam re-reading the instructions for the answer options.

The GMAT is significantly different when it comes to the Verbal Section. Unlike the CAT, it is a much more consistent, well-conceived and structured exam. The verbal section in the GMAT is split across three patterns:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Sentence Correction
  3. Critical Reasoning

In the following points we’re highlighting a quick review of both:

  • If you are planning for CAT and GMAT parallels, then you have start the preparation by the maximum of April.
  • You should target round 1 application deadlines.
  • As we know that GMAT verbal is difficult and CAT quants are difficult, so for giving GMAT in the month of July, one should prepare with GMAT verbal and CAT quants in 3 months.
  • Once GMAT score is given in the month of July, the application process should start and the preparation of rest of the syllabus of CAT should start.
  • Data interpretation and logical reasoning can be covered in 2 months easily.
  • Once this two area is covered, start giving mock tests, analyse it and practise more.
  • CAT exam is conducted once a year in the month of November. So by that time, your CAT preparation will also be done to the fullest.
  • By the time you have given your CAT exam, the results of round 1 will be announced. Incase you get a selection, start preparing for the interview.
  • In case you didn’t get any shortlisting, apply in round 2.
  • So by this plan, you will have three chances to get into one of the good b school in the same year.

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