Right time to take the GMAT Prep Exam 2019

The GMAT exam is one of the most crucial competitive exams which is attempted by individuals who would like to pursue their MBA overseas. It acts as a measure for the admissions committee of various universities to determine the competence of a particular candidate. It helps them to understand if the individual has the necessary skills to adapt to the challenging schedules of the MBA program. Obtaining a good score in the GMAT exam is the ultimate goal for many of the MBA aspirants. This is because the GMAT scores plays an influential role towards gaining admissions in the universities of your choice. There are several steps which one has to follow to reach the desired score in the GMAT exam.

While preparing for the GMAT exam you will certainly have to come across the all important GMAT prep exam as well. It contributes significantly towards your preparation efforts. It will aid you in several ways to become accustomed to the exam pattern of the GMAT. The GMAT prep exam is designed by the GMAC, the organization which administers and creates the GMAT exam. Therefore you will get a clear idea about exactly what to expect with the GMAT exam. It also uses the adaptive testing pattern which most of the aspirants of the GMAT exam are wary about. The prep exam helps you get acquainted to this format of testing. There are 2 full length mock tests available for candidates who would like to attempt the same.

You can proceed to give the GMAT prep in any of the below situations:

Initial Stages of preparation

During your initial stages of GMAT preparation you could commence by attempting a GMAT prep exam as this will give you a fair idea about what the GMAT exam is all about. You tend to get more familiar with the various categories of the exam (Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning). You will also know more about the types of questions which are more likely to occur in the sections and the marks and time allocated for each section as well. Since the GMAT prep is from the creators of the GMAT exam itself it uses the same scoring mechanism which the actual GMAT exam uses. This helps you to determine the score range you would land up with in the final exam. However it is wise to keep in mind that these are not always completely accurate so do not have complete dependence on the same. It can even help you determine the study materials which you can use to study and what study plans you have to follow to maximize your performance in your actual GMAT exam.

Final stages of Preparation

When you are in your final or the last leg of your preparation it is mandatory to keep attempting mock exams on a regular basis. The GMAT prep exam assists you to determine which areas you are most prone to making errors in and which areas are your strong points. You will be able to do a self analysis so that you are able to comprehend how to correct your errors and achieve your desired scores on the GMAT exam.


The GMAT prep also helps you to revise the concepts which you have learnt already which would help you answer the questions in the exam. When you would like to recall the various topics which you have studied in the different categories then it is suggested that you attempt the GMAT prep. It acts as a system for you to remember the relevant details which are required to obtain a good overall score in the final exam.

Improving performance/ Time allocation

In addition to the above benefits the GMAT prep also aids in helping you determine ways to improve your overall performance. Once you have a clear idea about your strengths and weaknesses you will be able to alter your study plan accordingly so that you can work on the topics you are prone to making errors in and boost your overall performance.

Depending on your actual exam date

The GMAT prep exam can be attempted on the basis of when your actual GMAT exam date is scheduled. As mentioned earlier attempting the practice exam closer to your actual exam date would be beneficial as well since you would gain a better understanding of your skills in each of the sections of the GMAT exam.

Self Analysis

When you would like to examine the areas you are not confident about then you could opt for attempting the GMAT prep exam. The scores which you obtain in this exam help you to analyze what is the score range you would attain in the final exam. It also gives you an overview of your competence in each category. This can once again assist you to amend your study plan and take corrective actions to improve on the errors which you make. You will also know how much time you have taken to solve questions in each category. You will learn to finish the exam within the stipulated time and be able to judge how to solve questions in a faster manner.

You can, therefore, determine when to attempt the GMAT prep exam depending on all of the above factors. The Prep exam is certain to assist you in several ways by simulating real life

Exam conditions for you so that you get adapted to the same. Since the GMAT exam has a long duration of approximately over 3 and half hours including the breaks, it is recommended that you have prior experience of attempting the same in an exam like a scenario.

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