What Salary Will You Make After Your MBA in Singapore?

The establishment of the headquarters of Asia-Pac regional for most global organizations makes Singapore the ultimate prime hub for economic activity. There are approximately 26000 international companies, who are persistently providing high-quality jobs to the eligible job seekers from every corner of the world.  if you possess an MBA degree it will add more fervour to your career as a manager or any designation in the managerial hierarchy, Since Singapore has an extremely developed commerce-oriented market economy so it has numerous job opportunities with high salary packages. It has the least tax rates like 14.2% of GDP.

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What Salary Will You Make After Your MBA in Singapore

The market of Singapore is a leading Foreign Direct Investment outflow financier in the world. Singapore has additionally profited from international investors and associations from the inward flow of FDI because of its exceptionally attractive investment climate and stable political atmosphere. It gives them wide spectrum to build up a professional network, through which they can a grasp a job offer.

Beside, lucrative job opportunities, the government of Singapore emphasising on industrial-strength courses in order to produce highly skilled workers. Pursuing an  MBA in Singapore is ecstatic as they offer several financial aids to talented students clans. And the easy and high quality of employment opportunities assures strong career foundations. In the recent scenario, Singapore in the news for developing into a hub for MBA graduates. And according to the records of Pay-scale, one MBA graduate could earn handsome money if he works on the following job profile.

Job Title Salary
Senior Business Analyst S$96,000
Information Technology (IT) Manager S$142,980
Strategy Manager S$222,500  
Business Director S$251,298
Senior Sales Executive S$202,896  
Regional Sales Manager S$87,400
Business Development Manager S$102,000  

Disclaimer: The figures mentioned above are taken from www.payscale.com, Byju’s do not confirm the authenticity of the above mentioned.

Top B-schools in Singapore which accepts minimum GMAT score

Singapore B-schools are offering best quality business and management education to their students. Here is the list of colleges who accept candidates with minimum GMAT score.

Rank B-School Minimum GMAT Score
1 Nanyang Technological University – Nanyang Business School 665
2 National University of Singapore – The NUS Business School 656
3 S P Jain School of Global Management 650
4 Insead-The business school of the world 702

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