How I scored a 700 on my GMAT by Yashwanth

Studying at IIT- Kharagpur helped me learn a lot of valuable information and gain adequate knowledge to equip me in my career at later stages. Although I pursued an Integrated Msc in Physics, I was keen on joining the operations sector to learn more about the same. Thus I commenced my career at an educational start up as the Operations Manager. I next moved on to MedAll in a logistics redesigning role. My next job role was Head of Operations for a printing firm at Hyderabad. However I felt I needed to equip myself in a better manner to be able to grasp management concepts and apply the same to my career. This is when I decided to pursue an MBA and attempt the GMAT exam. However since I was a freelance consultant it became difficult for me to stay at a single location and I was also unsure of which location I would be in at any point of time. This caused difficulties towards my GMAT preparation as I was unable to attend coaching classes on a regular basis. I had to analyze coaching centres at both Hyderabad and Bengaluru. This is what lead me to BYJU’S tablet based mode of preparation for the GMAT exam. I immediately preferred to opt for the same primarily because it did not have only classroom based trainings. The classroom coachings which I had initially looked at were all providing only a month’s coaching with about 8 to 10 classes and charging around Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000 for the same. This I realised would never be sufficient for my needs and requirements. However with BYJU’S I had access to trainings and offline coaching of over 150 hours of lectures for about 4 months. I had the freedom and independence to study whenever I wanted and at whichever location I wanted to as well. I was more focussed on the verbal section rather than the Quant since I felt I needed more assistance with this category. The different sections in Verbal like – Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction. I used to be able to read any sentence and grasp the content alone without even realising the errors present in the same. However with timely help and assistance from PN Santhosh sir I was able to understand and recognize that even a small change in the placement of words will cause a huge difference. This was particularly useful when I had to practice Sentence Correction exercises. For the Reading Comprehension passages, I was initially worried about the lengthy passages in the RC section, however I could quickly overcome this with the insights given by Mr.PN Santhosh. I was able to differentiate between what was important and what wasn’t relevant. I read more journals to get accustomed to reading such passages. This technique helped me a lot in the exam as well when I could read such long passages quickly and figure out the relevant details. Finally with the Critical Reasoning section – even though it has the least proportion of questions, Mr.Amit was able to help me comprehend the concepts by providing detailed set of questions for the same.

I had no difficulty to switch between the classroom training and the tab based mode of learning. It proved to be very easy and since my schedule was ever changing, the tablet mode of learning helped me a lot.

I attempted 4 mock tests and initially scored 530 on my first mock exam. However since the mock test provided by BYJU’S were only on 1 section I could formulate a plan/strategy on how to attempt questions and the timing to be allocated for each section. I scored 15 and 13 in the verbal section in my first 2 attempts of the mock exam. I was provided with a graph depicting and analysing my time pacing on the exam. They also presented a profile which described the difficulty level of the question whether it was increasing or decreasing according to my performance. I also had the option of experimental timing where I attempted 2 tests with 150 minutes. I could judge how much time to divide for each set of questions in the actual exam. The average time taken to solve each question was greater than 2 minutes so I had to devise a plan to attempt questions for each section for example – the first 10 questions I couldn’t skip any questions and the second ten questions I was able to skip 1 question and so on..

I had taken a break of 5 months since I was working continuously for over 2 and a half years and I was unable to concentrate on studying due to my long work hours. Since I was the Head of operations I had a very demanding schedule.

I would like to tell other candidates not to lose hope when you see low scores, because I never gave up even when I did end up with low scores in the mock exam. The GMAT doesn’t evaluate candidates only on the verbal section and it also tests you on logical reasoning questions as well. Since I needed to gain an overall business understanding therefore I opted for an MBA degree. BYJU’S gave me with the much needed flexibility over classroom training.

Yashwant is now amidst the process of developing his profile to apply for admissions to his preferred universities.

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