Should I take Coaching (classes)for GMAT?

GMAT is an exam which is used as a measure by many of the top colleges in the world to admit candidates to their MBA programs. While the GMAT requires utmost efforts for preparation it is also essential to adopt the best and most effective practices. Most of the applicants for the GMAT are working professionals, hence they need to contribute extra efforts during their preparation. The syllabus for the GMAT exam comprises of basic high school concepts under the following topics – Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning. However the challenge arises because the candidates need to complete all of the above within the stipulated time limits in the exam.

This requires them to prepare diligently so that they are able to write the exam and secure good marks.

Preparation becomes even more difficult as mentioned above for full time employees as they will have to balance both their job and preparing for one of the most toughest competitive exams. While attending classes may help a certain section of students it is not necessarily appropriate for everyone. Classes will have stringent timelines which may be difficult to follow for individuals who are employed. Adding to the above issue there is also the hassle of commuting to classes which individuals will find troublesome. In the event that you miss attending a session then you end up missing an entire topic and the professors will not be keen on teaching the same topic just for one individual. You may have to make do with only the notes provided by your fellow classmates. The duration of the classes is another flip side which you may have to deal with. There is only a fixed amount of time scheduled for each class and you will not be able to cut it short or extend it as per your requirements. Another issue that you may face is that you will have to compete for attention from the professor since the class will have approximately 20-30 students and it is not possible to gain individual care and treatment from the faculty. In a classroom atmosphere there tends to be many distractions and you may not be able to concentrate on studying systematically. In addition to the above the study plan can’t be customized as per your requirements and you will have to follow the plan which the professor has already decided.

While opting for classes in GMAT does have numerous benefits it is better suited only for candidates who are able to follow the timelines, adhere to the study plan provided by the professors, adapt well to the classroom atmosphere etc. However this may not be possible for many candidates who are balancing a full time job and preparing for a competitive exam like GMAT. These are individuals who are already hard pressed for time and will be unable to spend adequate time attending classes to prepare for GMAT. With the rapid progress in technology it has now become possible to study for these exams from the comfort of your own house. There are quality app based learning providers like BYJU’S which provides custom based GMAT preparation classes. There are many advantages to such online learning sessions. The primary one being that you get to choose your own personalized study plans. These classes are tailor made and cater to your exact requirements when compared to the fixed plans in classroom teaching methods. You can choose which categories you want to study according to your strengths and weaknesses. If you feel you are adept in the Quant section then you can spend more time working on your Verbal category or you can contribute more efforts to the Integrated Reasoning section as well.

Next you will not have to worry over any classes missed since the modules will be available to you at all times. You have the freedom to choose when you want to study, how you want to study and the duration you want to study for as well. There are no restrictions which will be imposed on you in this mode of preparation. Additionally you will also gain access to innumerable mock tests which will help you assess your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Mock tests aid you gain a better understanding of your overall performance in all the sections and you will have a judgement of what score range you might fall in during your final exam. They aid you to become familiar with the testing patterns of the exam as well. When you study using online classes or learning methods you will be able to study for the exam without any interruptions or distractions from external sources which you may encounter in a classroom atmosphere. In the event that you do have any doubts which you would like to get clarified, then there are mentors to assist you with all your queries. Alternatively there are several online study groups which will also facilitate in solving any doubts you may have. The study material which online learning provides is some of the best available. Most individuals learn better when they have visually appealing materials accessible to them like – presentations, videos, infographics etc rather than just theory based textbooks.

Therefore, although in the past it has been pretty common for individuals to attend classes physically and learn, with the current fast paced life it becomes convenient for the students to opt for such online classes. There are a considerable number of advantages which these courses offer as discussed above.

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