Significance Of Extracurricular Activities in MBA Applications

Most college applications inquire about the experiences you gained while participating in extracurricular activities. Since the things you do in your spare time, uncover a lot about you as a person. Your achievements outside the classroom show that you have qualities valued by schools and about what you’re passionate. Given below are some examples:

  • Serving in student council demonstrates that you have leadership abilities. The main objective of students council is to evolve leadership qualities by engaging them in school activities and service projects. The entire process involves planning, allocation of responsibility and accountability and finally execution; all these lead to developing a team working spirit.
  • Being on the track and field team through high school suggests that you’re capable of enduring strength.
  • Performing volunteer work at health service centers, describes that you have a kind feeling towards the human race and have a general sense of responsibility towards your community.
  • Working at a part time job while keeping up your levels reveals that you know how to manage your time and responsibility in a balanced manner.

B-Schools need to know what you do and who you are. Your actions help you in showing them. So put the books down and get out there! Your extracurricular activities help B-schools to know who you are.

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Types of Actions:

Here are the most typical types of extracurricular activities.

1. School Actions:

These may include sports teams, special interest clubs, a school newspaper, music groups and student government. When you participate in activities like the above at school it gives you a sense of belonging and also inculcates a feeling of teamwork and integrity. Such students learn essential skills such as time management, critical thinking, teamwork and social skills at an early age which is bound to develop their overall personality as well. Extra-curricular activities also foster a sense of commitment to a cause or purpose and they reduce selfish behavior. Students become more marketable in the workplace. Teamwork is an essential skill which is required when you will be handling teams once you have taken up managerial roles. Good Leaders are known to possess valuable qualities like honesty and integrity. It is imperative to have these vital principles as they will help you to establish a strong foundation and instil a feeling of reverence among your employees.

2. Community Actions:

Examples are music, community theater, and art groups as well as local clubs and sports teams work. This gives you an opportunity to pursue a hobby or an interest of yours and develop the same into an advantageous factor on your application. Most top B-schools are more interested in recruiting students who have something to offer besides academic qualifications. They search for those students who can make a contribution in other areas to the university and the society at large. When you indulge in such activities it is bound to compensate for any other drawbacks/shortcomings you may have on your overall profile. It will give a clear picture to the admissions committee about your passion and your prowess in that particular field. If you learnt to play a particular musical instrument over a course of few months and that in turn assisted you to give a performance at a local concert this will showcase your proficiency as well.

3. Internships, summer jobs, part-time work, babysitting, delivering papers:

It all counts. While these activities may seem very trivial, they too account for your extracurricular activities on your profile. Most Admission committees are bound to receive hundreds of applications from candidates with exemplary academic credentials and other certifications. Therefore it is essential to include any experience you may have which helps you stand out from the other applicants. Make sure to include how involving in such activities helped you cultivate your sense of responsibility or improve your multitasking capabilities. If you can make the activity relevant on your profile it will certainly boost your chances of gaining admissions at the university of your preference.

4. Volunteering:

In case you have no extracurricular activities to showcase your talents or have not participated in any community work either then it is still not too late to begin doing so. You can always start now and participate to volunteer at any of the local NGOs near your area or sign up for any clubs which you are interested in or you could also revive your passion of playing any sport or musical instrument. These activities will help to project your application in a better manner and assist in boosting your profile with the admissions committee as well. This could mean helping out at the animal shelter, tutoring elementary school kids or raising capital for a charity.

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Ways to Get Started:

It doesn’t matter if you want to understand more about politics, talking about cooking or any other activities, you will find an action that can help you to develop that interest. Here are several thoughts for beginning your search:

  • Request your friends what groups they belong to.
  • Assess your school’s website or bulletin boards.
  • Check with your teachers about actions you can take or speak to your school counselor.
  • If you have a place of worship, find out if they organizes any tasks which you can take part in.
  • Look into national organizations, like the YMCA or YWCA, Boy or Girl Scouts, and Junior achievement and enroll in the same.
  • Think about starting a group or your very own club catering to your interests.

All of these are bound to assist you in the long run when you apply for admission and will give your profile the much required boost to stand out from the remaining applicants.

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