What Is So Special About The Executive MBA in IIM?

Indian Institute of Management studies is considered as the most prestigious institution to pursue management studies. These institutions were founded by the first prime minister of India Lt. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru influenced by the recommendations of Planning Commission. There are  20 public, autonomous institutes of management education and research in India.

Sl No. IIMs
1 Ahmedabad
2 Bangalore
3 Calcutta
4 Lucknow
5 Kozhikode
6 Indore
7 Kashipur
8 Shillong
9 Raipur
10 Ranchi
11 Rohtak
12 Tiruchirappalli
13 Udaipur
14 Amritsar
15 Bodhgaya
16 Nagpur
17 Sambalpur
18 Sirmaur
19 Visakhapatnam
20 Jammu

These IIMs schools always remain the desire of the student to seek post-graduation degree from such a reputable institutions. They have most esteemed faculties of management in India.

But sometimes due to some misfortunes, several students lag behind from ascertaining degree from such a renowned institution and started working in some firms. Later they may feel sluggish on the shrinking career graph; at that case, Executive MBA from IIM may bring fortunes into your career perspectives.

Five reasons why Executive MBA is so unique in IIM:

Reason1: The quality of Students: In IIMs pupils from India and outside India seek admission for EMBA are having quite an experience about the managerial skills. Hence it is gain studying there to enhance the administrative skills.

Reason2. Industrial-oriented Courses: The EMBA syllabus mainly focuses on the case study. So it enables to interact with the real-life crisis and suggests you the ways how to deal with it.

Reason3. Faculties: Undoubtedly, the IIMs having the most believed and reputed faculty.

Reason4. Career Growth: Through EMBA you can accelerate up the speed of career growth. These would increase your personal skills, performance resulting in the hike in salary packages.

Reason5. Shaping Strategies: Having the capacity to shape techniques viable and imaginatively is maybe among the most significant advantages an EMBA understudy can offer on his or her organization.  

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