5 things to consider before applying to business school

Scoring near around 700 in GMAT is the not the last avenue to reach, in order to pursue a significant MBA program from one of the most reputed B-schools. It can burn a big hole in your pocket to carry on the course and the main evaluation to be bear in mind is regarding the value of in term of meeting the future endeavors. Hence, it is very essential to be wise and distinctive when it comes to applying to B-schools.

Here we’ve discussed 5 things to consider before applying to business school:

1. Which MBA program would elevate your career?

MBA is one of the most prestigious Master degree program, millions of pupils either from working fraternity or under-grads are taking MBA to boost up career and academics needs. Therefore, it is vital to choose a program which could elevate your career graph and add more values to educational achievements.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Which kind of program you prefer- a short, intense experience or a more flexible one?
  • Are you apt for a more traditional two-year full-time MBA program or another more flexible program that may be better for a working professional, such as a part-time or Executive MBA program?
  • Is an MBA what you want or else you’re looking for a specialized master’s program that offers extensive training in a particular field, such as accounting, finance, data analytics, or entrepreneurship, would suit your persona?

2. Assess program culture and location.

Before selecting any B-school, it is necessary to know about student life and academics about that place. In this context, ‘Current students’ and ‘Alumni’ are the best sources of information. They will enlighten you with every minute detail about their programs, the culture, and what it was like getting a degree there.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Which type of city you want to live in like a a big city, a small town?
  • Analysis which type of climate is suitable for you? Whether you prefer sunshine all the time or seasonal variation?
  • How the local business community can be proved as an advantage or disadvantage to you during your program duration?

3. Get suggestions either from professional colleagues and admission committee members.

If you’re not yet sure that how an MBA could elate your career, whether it will offer you the desired position that you wanted or else is the program suited for you or not ? in spite of lynching in these thoughts ask for help from current colleagues and HR personnel to gain insight.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Ask your colleagues what did they like best about your business schools and what they might have done distinctively?
  • On which perspectives their degree facilitate them to develop professionally?
  • What are the best known schools which offer programs that produce best prepare managers and executives for success from the point view of HR personnel?

4. Research about faculty and teaching methods.

Without any hesitation, do a good research about the program you shortlisted among several others B-schools offered the same course. It could be based on the course fee charged or adaptations of teachings methods. Seek every detail about the course size, student’s strength and many other peripherals details.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Check a good balance between quantitative and qualitative material?
  • How effective is group work viewed and measured?
  • How the faculties interact with students during the lecture session?

5. Evaluate the curriculum and registration process

When you’re examining your programs worth, you should investigate closely at each school’s curriculum (core courses and electives), registration process, and course selection.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Are you able to exempt from any required courses?
  • Do core courses lay a solid foundation in key business sectors?
  • Will the electives provide you the ground of working to gain expertise in specialization where you’re interested in?
  • Is the enrollment procedure set up in a way that will guarantee you get the classes you need?

An MBA degree is lifetime achievement, to cherish the success you must think on the on and off sides of a B-school.

Rituparna Chakraborty with a post graduation in mass communication from BHU is a professional content writer at Think and Learn Pvt Ltd. Her avid reading and investigative gist adds a necessary connect and reality in her articles. With prior experience in print and digital media, Ms. Rituparna is currently managing digital marketing and public relation content for Byju’s product.

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