Top 3 Strategies to Ace GMAT AWA Essay

Three Strategies to Ace GMAT AWA Essay

AWA or Analytical Writing Assessment is the first hurdle of GMAT, in which the aspirants are supposed to write down one essay on ‘Analysis of Argument’. This session is 30 minutes long and the maximum score is 6. To obtain a good score of 4-5 in this specific section demands a long essay of compiling 4-5 paragraphs, with the proper introduction to conclusion.

It’s no wonder during the initial phase of GMAT prep students focus on quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning, but it must be taken into consideration that AWA is a significant and an integral part of GMAT test. B-schools get to know about your caliber for proving your point with all relevant and valid points. It reflects your persuasion skill and the optimistic vision to meet the challenges. The Analytical Writing section also analyzes your critical thinking capability and your competencies to communicate your ideas about a given topic. You could practice writing on several topics before the exam so that you are more knowledgeable and capable to write on any given topic. This will also help you get familiar with the format of the Analytical writing section and you get exposed to the various approaches in this section. Here we’re revealing a few of the significant tips to ace the AWA essay.

Make a Choice, Adhere to it and Plan prior to Writing:

The main aim of AWA essay is to test your consistency and supporting your opinion without changing your mind frequently about the topic. Generally, GMAT readers don’t like the essays who try to write in a diplomatic way. It evaluates your analysis of the argument and how you are able to support/write against the given topic. Another important strategy you will have to follow is to follow the instructions given explicitly. You must not form your own opinion of the given task, it is therefore recommended that you read the question thoroughly before you proceed to commence writing the article. It doesn’t matter whether you’re against it or favoring the topic you will have to pick one side and stick to your decision till the last paragraph. The examiners will appreciate individuals who can clearly think and communicate their ideas through their writing. Write the conclusion according to it, the more you’re clear in your thoughts you can score around 4-4.5 score. Planning before you commence writing will also equip you to answer in a better manner. You can make a list of the flaws in the given argument question, select the ones which are most pertinent to your essay and accordingly proceed with the passage.

Take Help of Illustrations and Establish a clear structure:

You’re writing an essay after analyzing an argument and the topic can be any research oriented study or governmental policies. So maintain the seriousness of the topic, you can use illustration to support your opinion but it should not be unrealistic. Your examples must be relevant which can influence the reader to consider your thought. If you fail to explain your point, your examples will become silly results into disappointment of the readers and you might lose valuable marks on your overall GMAT score. You should maintain a clear structure throughout your essay. You must have a definite opening paragraph which conveys what you are aiming to establish with your essay. Each of the following paragraphs should support and illustrate your side of the argument. You will have to define and highlight all aspects of the argument in a detailed manner. You can even make use of examples to back you up as well but ensure to provide sufficient details so that the reader will be able to comprehend the same better. Finally in the conclusion paragraph, you can restate the points you made in the essay and provide a brief summary of the complete argument thesis. A well defined essay is one which the examiners will prefer to read and tend to score higher. You can also remember to write using different sentence structures and utilise a variety in your vocabulary/words. This will ensure that the passage doesn’t get repetitive or boring for the reader.

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Rebut the Other Side of the Argument and be informed about the scoring system for GMAT:

AWA essay is a platform where you can state your opinion without any intervention from other individuals opinions. Hence, compile it in way like that the reader gets an inspiration from it. You have to be a bit wise while sketching the ending line of the essay, since you have to complete it in a specified time period so try to accumulate all the points. This is an opportunity to establish your argument and further discredit the other side with authority. You have to be attentive to the small details mentioned in the question since often they may mislead you with vague terminologies. When you are finished with the essay it is essential that you proofread the entire article before you submit. This will give you a chance to review your work and make corrections in your punctuations, spellings and grammar usage. You must try your best to not avoid this step. Studying the scoring rules of the AWA section will help you in your aim to write a high scoring essay. You can compare your essay with the marking patterns followed by GMAT so that you can understand which elements are missing in your essay and accordingly rewrite the same. This practice will be advantageous on the date of the exam. Alternatively you could also read essays which received high scores in the exam. This will assist you in comprehending the nuances and tricks to obtain a good score in the AWA section. You will be able to understand the different factors which such essays utilised to earn it a high score.

You should maintain a cool and composed structure and keep in mind that the AWA alone doesn’t determine whether you gain admissions in the university of your preference. You need not overwork yourself on the same or get stressed out with the preparation either. Seeking help from tutors both online and in person is also an effective method to study and ace your AWA section.

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