Tips to Crack GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment

Pick one side

Do not waver. If you are calling the argument weak, stick to it. And pile up reasons as to why you find the argument badly structured. Take it to the end and challenge the author’s conclusion from the reasons he has stated. Attack the links between the reasons and the conclusion. If you are with the author though, stick to that and tell the reader why you find the argument valid. Validate the conclusion by bolstering the link between the reasons and the conclusion. A wavering mind does not make a good essay. The evaluators for the AWA will be keen to check if you are able to choose a particular side and validate your stance accordingly. Ensure to mention sufficient statements to support your side of the argument. It is necessary to establish that you are capable of selecting your stance and sticking to it rather than wavering from your point of view.

Use examples

We all understand arguments better with analogies and examples. So, feel free to make your essay more conclusive with examples that people generally relate with. If you want to make a point with a reference from football, go ahead. This also makes your essay an engaging read. Furthermore, it makes the reader understand that you have understood the argument and you have gone a step further in extending the concept to an example outside the argument. Using examples will also help you to make your point in an easier manner. People generally tend to understand more clearly when you use examples in your essay and they have a context of the article as well. Certain examples can be used citing hypothetical situations as well. It is important to integrate your example into your actual text since this way you tend to give your reader more information and give them a clear picture as well.

Conclude well

Your examiner reads the conclusion and goes ahead to score your essay. So, the conclusion that you present, whether you disagree with or praise the author needs to be good enough. Spend some time in coming up with a convincing conclusion. The conclusion should state your perspective in a few words, without scope to be misunderstood. The conclusion of the essay holds an important place since this will provide you with an opportunity to summarize all the significant aspects of your essay, and reinforce your point of view as well. You can reiterate the important evidences which support your argument. Therefore it is necessary to have a strong conclusion to help elevate your essay.

Stick to short and simple sentences

You are better off writing smaller sentences. Longer sentences generally mean that there are more opportunities to go wrong with the sentence construction, grammar and phrasing. So, stick to simple language and focus on getting the context right. And remember, no one likes long winding essays that go on and on. The reader will tend to lose interest while reading longer sentences and there may not be a coherent way to phrase what you are trying to convey. It is always good to stick to shorter and simpler sentences as they will assist you in getting across the message you would like to express with the essay. Shorter sentences tend to be crisp, stick to the point and also act as a powerful way to communicate your stance.

Decimate the opposition

When you invalidate an argument, go the extra mile and convince the examiner that the other side of the argument holds no water whatsoever. Include this in your conclusion to make a very strong point out of it. As important as it is to reinforce your point of view attacking the opposition also plays a significant role in making your essay commendable. You can include relevant points to support your side of the argument while also mentioning how the opposition side doesn’t have much logic. 

Make time for editing

This is of utmost importance. When you time yourself, make sure you have enough time to read and edit what you have written. A cursory read will not suffice here as you will have to correct typographical errors, grammar mistakes and spelling errors. You will also have to rephrase, restructure and rewrite parts of your essay after reading it once. So, it is mandatory that you make time for editing the essay you write. This might make the difference between an ordinary essay and an excellent one. Most candidates tend to ignore this aspect of the essay writing although it plays a key role with the same. Editing a passage will help you to correct any errors which you may have overlooked the first time or also rectify any grammatical errors or sentence structures. The aim of this section is to evaluate your capability to write an essay which is grammatically correct and also able to convey the required message as per the question or the argument demands.

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