Types of GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions


GMAT tests you on Critical Reasoning. These are very similar to real world problems that need logical thinking, critical reasoning skills to solve. An argument is given to you. And you are required to answer the question stem that follows the argument. Solving CR questions needs a logical bent of mind. How good are you with basic common sense? That’s what will help you score with CR questions.

To simplify a given CR argument and understand it better, try to come up with parallels. Understand it in your own terms. Clearly, identify who says what in the argument. Make a mental note of people in the argument, their perspectives and most importantly, the conclusion of the argument. Make a note of all the facts and information presented.  Summarise the argument in your own words. The conclusion is the most important part of a CR question. You need to make sure that you understand the conclusion before you move to the question stem and the options.

Read the question stem. Identify the scope of the argument. Eliminate options that fall out of scope. Choose the option that makes sense while resolving the question asked at the end of the argument. Only one option will resolve the issue. So, consider each option carefully before moving to the next.

Types of GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Typical question stem types in a GMAT Exam are:

Which of these options is an Assumption that the conclusion depend on?
Which of these options Strengthen the conclusion?
Which of these options Weaken the conclusion?
Which of these options is an Inference from the given argument/conclusion?
What is the Discrepancy in the given argument?
What is the Role played by the statements in Boldface?
Which of these questions can help Evaluate the argument?
Which of these options states the Flaw in the argument?
Which of these options Describes the argument?

For each of these questions, have a flowchart to follow. Enough practice in these questions can familiarise you with the CR content and make you confident enough to tackle questions. Critical reasoning questions are known to take much time. So, improving time taken per CR question is as important as improving accuracy here.

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